Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Boxing Day morn, when most people are digesting 4 kilos of turkey and resting comfortably after the Christmas fest, I was up at sparrow’s fart throwing fins, a mask and a bunch of clean underwear into my bag. A superbly nice Christmas day left over drove me to the airport and I reluctantly said bye and two hours later was in the balmy goodness that is Mossman and Port Douglas with my family.

I met the new dog ‘Bizzie’ and we took the new excessively large car to the creek to cool off. Lying in the shallow, slow flowing creek with two moronic heelers dying to have a stick or rock thrown, again and again and then again.

It is so beautiful here for a holiday.

Cooled down, we promptly got hot and sticky again and made stuff and I rummaged through all my mum’s beautiful buttons and fabric and old Pyrex kitchen stuff.
I selected a few pieces that will be coming home with me. ‘These are nice’ ... ‘oh you can have them’ ... correct response.

Went to the market and had sticky rice with mango for breakfast, bought this cute cup then went and had tea with my cousin in a thunder storm. It’s so hot the dogs are too tired to be stupid. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Love Letter, I love letters

Firstly if you find your way here, read the post before this one and leave a comment ... thanks you rock!

Just found out about 'Mail Art' I love getting letters, not letters from the phone company or my bank but real letters with handwritten words about things that are happening, have happened, will happen to other people in places far from where I live.  I used to write letters when I was younger, and I really don’t do it enough now.  So while I sit here in my lovely little house with my hairy hound Sybil I thought it’s be nice to get more letters ... it’s such a beautiful form of communication that is fading out like tungsten light bulbs.  

So I want you to write me something, write me something beautiful, funny, idealistic or just a dot point on what your dog did today.  Make it arty, include doodles and drawings and cut out bits from magazines and paste them on, oh and use one of the words in the word art below from Wordle ... I will take a photo of your lovely creation and make it the letter of the week each Tuesday.  If you are up for it let me know and I’ll let you know where to post it ...

This week I have no real letters so I have featured the an old post card that was my great grandmothers and is written in Swedish, a language I know very little about except I occasionally do renditions of the Swedish Chef at parties, gatherings, bahmitzvahs etc.  

The ponies on the front are so beautiful and simplistic, it’s a pity i have no idea who the artist was.  I imagine the post card to say something along the lines of ‘Dearest Ella I hope this letter finds you and well. 

The winter here is terribly cold this year, yet the snow fall outside the house and over the lakes is so beautiful I am not inclined to complain.  We are getting ready for Christmas and the house is full of people and food and little muddy boot tracks ...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, time for another cup of tea and a bunny

So the prediction may not have come true, yet Chrissy is still the winner of the brooch.  Please have a look at her beautiful blog here

Last week’s little goose is packaged up and off to Romania.  Thinking about far off places gets me all nostalgic for travel.  I’ve been looking through the photos and talking to my lovely little matryoshka dolls on the mantle.  My little painted duck from the exquisite beautiful city of St Petersburg was taken from the mantle and captured in amongst the wise words of The Young Homemaker.                                                                        


I found this cool blog on all things Russian ... it featured this brilliant new way to waste time, Wordle great fun try it out.  I cut and pasted some words from a poem I wrote a while ago.

I’m drinking tea that tastes like vanilla.  I have a bean pod in the ceramic jar with all my bags and each time it’s opened I can smell the wonderful mixture of my favourite tincture and my favourite spice.  So as I sip on my 3rd cup of tea you should have a little ponder on how to finish the poem yonder and you can win the babies bunny.  Just leave a comment, good, bad or indifferent on this post.

Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl!

“How charmingly sweet you sing!

“Oh let us me married! Too long _ _ _:

Monday, December 15, 2008

The 15th day of the last month this year, and it’s a Monday

The dwarfish goose went to ... this week there is a clairvoyant bunny to giveaway. For Brisbane readers you may be interested to know that some of the brooches that are kicking about the Museum of Brisbane store were in Map magazine this month. Yay me. So if you have a copy lying around the house or work (if you’re reading this on your lunch break) flick to page 60 for a squiz.

I bought fairy lights on the weekend. They have been haphazardly arranged on my front deck. That’s about as Christmassy as I get. And I plan to leave them up well after Christmas as I just like pretty coloured lights. My brother and his Finnish lass sat on the front deck last night smoking skinny Thai cigarettes watch a possum eat grevillea flowers under the dapple fairly light glow.


So finish this poem however you see fir and the bunny may be yours ...

“And with holes all round
To send the light,
In gleaming rays on the _ _”

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birfday Normie

It's my little brothers birthday today and we celebrated by going shoe shopping. He was thrilled. Laura and I purchased nice new shoes and he got a pair of thongs (or flip flops as the European's and now him are calling them).

So we are flip flopped up and kicking back with some posh type beers with the newly washed hound. Laura is bored ... like ‘cardboard’ apparently. Will have to take the kids out for sushi, to entertain them. Oh to be 20 again.

I have spent the afternoon photographing brooches and adding them to etsy ... go check it out. And if you happen to pass by this blog on this sunday, comment on the blog two blogs down and you can win you one of them there pretty brooches.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

BrisStyle Market and some things I thought about on Saturday

The day was unbelievably hot; Brisbane is a panting dog in summer. The market was great, a big thanks to all the girls who helped organise, promote, and play. The stall next to me was Little Diva, and I now have a green monster softie on my bookshelf looking at me, waiting to be taken to Port Douglas and given to Jesse for Xmas.
Tomorrow I am going to put a pile of brooches up on etsy and madeit as I’m marketed out for the next few weeks. and if you want a free one leave a comment on the post below ...

I feel like watching a Bette Davis film with a cup of tea. I feel very Bette today, however the lady herself surely would had never been this sweaty, sticky and just plain ‘blah’ with this topical heat. It’s too hot to blog so I will leave you with her line “Don’t lets ask for the moon, we have the stars”. Did you look outside to see the biggest moon of the year.

And remember there is no proof that the full moon makes people crazy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, Monday it follows Sunday

This week the winner of the Shady Cat was CherryPal: Computer Friend or Foe? congratulations and enjoy your new feline friend. I’m still quite pleased with my effort at the Young Designers Market, I walked away with the funky kit below (previous post) and my hot little hand full of cash. Will be back for more.

But before I go back to the YDM I will be at the Bris Style Handmade Christmas market this Saturday. Myself and my little Etsy Street team will be flaunting our wears at the Hamilton town hall

This week’s booty is a tiny, dwarfish goose. He has some autumn leaves floating about his russet down, and would little goose would look fantastic on your gown. So once again leave a comment and if you like finish the last line of this poem...

“The Dong! – the Dong!
The wandering Dong
through the forest goes
The Dong! – the Dong!The Dong with a _ _”

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I’m back from my first Young Designers Market. I was hot (not Paris Hilton ‘that’s so hot right now) but the sweltering Brisbane weather didn’t deter everyone, and the gleaming skin of sweating shoppers pushed on through the heat and shopped up big.

So I’m home with a desperately needed cup of the Earl wearing my nice new things.
This beautiful white pottery necklace is designed and handmade by Danielle Mann, I can’t find a blog or website for her designs but she does sell at Thousand Island Dressing in Paddington.

Next are my dangle, drop strawberry and cream glass earrings from Hot Toffee. These earrings are so beautiful, and the silver backing has ‘me’ and ‘you’ engraved on the backs. You will find the musings of Hot Toffee on 'Bits of toffee' blog.
Click here for the more on the toffee

So after the success of today I will be back. Next week we have the Bris Style market in Hamilton. If you're in Brisbane make sure you get along to this for more handmade wonders.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It’s the first day of December, it’s Monday, what the hell happened to the year and how did I get home last night? Blog flog number one – This Sunday I will be at the Young Designers Market at Southbank, come and shop local ... click here for more information

number two ... a bris style member also has a giveaway, a tres cool paper doll, all you have to do is give her a name ...

It’s well and truly summer here in Brisbane, balmy nights the sexy sweetness of frangipani and mock orange floating through my open windows, fruit bats in the lily pilly spiting balls of masticated fruit all over my deck, flying off with a whoop from those satiny skinned wings. Drinking Pims with a sun hat on, sitting in the kiddie pool with the dog.

So for a summery feeling this week there is a ‘shady cat’ to give away. So to win this shady little number ... finish the line in this nonsense poem.

The Pobble who had no toes
Had once as many as we;
When they said, “Some day you may lose them all,”
He replied – “Fish _ _ _”

Monday, November 24, 2008

It is Monday again ... so more on the Gimme more, more to give Monday jaunt. First a little flog on my blog; number one - the Brisstyle markets are on soon, if you’re in Brisbane get along to them.

Location: Hamilton Town Hall, Cnr Rossiter and Racecourse Rd
Date: Saturday 13th December 2008
Time: 9am – 4pm

Number two – made by maisie is giving away a handmade doll on her delicious blog. She (said doll) requires an name before Christmas ... so get in asap and leave some clever, spontaneous, hilarious or deadly serious comment accompanied by a trés cool name.

just in is number three!! see here for another very cool, arty giveaway

Now onto the fun stuff. Last week’s winner was Loopy drawn randomly, by random methods, by a random person i.e. me.

This week there is a ‘Fruity Goose’ on offer to another random who comments on this post. So for some fruity, gamey goodness you can pin on your hat ... finish the line in this nonsense poem.

Said the Table to the Chair
“You can hardly be aware
How I suffer from the heat,
And with chilblains _ _ _!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Me More, More to Give, Me More

It’s a little bit about nonsense, but it’s a lot about you.

Monday seems like a generally nonsensical sort of day. So each Monday we will pay homage to a Lear of sorts. Come over here, no more leering in the corner and this ‘short walk’ bunny can be yours. Answer the riddle and hey diddle diddle, the bunny or bird it’s yours . Drawn out of a hat (by a grinning cat) one comment that's right, will soon have in sight ... a shiny new thing like that.

To win this week’s ‘Short Walk’ Bunny finish this line in the comments section...

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea
In a beautiful _ _ _

Monday, November 3, 2008

Endy Dendy

They are closing the old lady down. How many dark nights have we sat here, how many dark knights took arms here, while lovers held theirs. The deep red seats, they smell a little like popped corn, a lot like the assembly of one thousand Brisbane parked arses that have shifted here, with me and without me. I will go there, once more. And like the dead of night Cloudland rubble and so many other of the old girls of this town the curtain will close. The End.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A little on the rabbit

The rabbit or bunny is no longer in the headlights, but the headlights are now shining her direction. Not startled, but smiling. In a den, not unlike the one in St Petersburg, they rabbited on, not about the past but about things just past. Post meridian talk, he still smells the same. Skin together, in silence, sweetness.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh Deer

This little deer is over the folly, and needs to find thumper. The candle has been burning from both ends for too long. I blow one end out, and sit the candle upright in its own wax. Old flame. The deer uses the old flame to walk around las canas, hollow still eyes looking out. No idea, no I deer, the candle is out. But I checked in, a curlicue of extinguished smoke floats up into the rafters. He’s still here and there is still more matches.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Screen savers - they died for your sins

Back to reality, back to back, back to being. It’s just me here with the dog; I ask her questions, she never answers. I don’t think she has the answers. Screen saver is the entire ‘photo’ album, saving my screen, not saving me though. Every now and then my not so past, becomes recent and I feel a pang. I should delete. Delete, delete, delete. I’m not angry enough or tough enough to delete yet.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mountain pony

Wind blown and sun dried, four days in the Steppe on a pony named Maurice, the Horse With No Name was out. Tiny rodents poke their heads out of hole, holes the horse's feet are prone to stumble on, run for cover. A golden eagle hikes a ride on the updraft, above us looking down.

Water for the horses a small pool, hooves slip on the rocks. Walk into the forest of one hundred trees and rest for the night with a fire and a wolf yowling somewhere beyond the rise.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

mongolian sky with a smile

border crossing takes a while
no mans lands stretches for some miles
I had a drunken embrace and an old man's kiss at the station
arrival in UB at dawn
the sun is coming up we been running from it for days
and we crack smiles
there is blue sky here
and peace avenue is a welcome walk

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sleeper Siberia

Leonard is in my ears, a thousand kisses deep, as sihouettes of pine, ash and the taiga pass by the window. In the middle of Siberia, endless lines onwards, a thousand sleepers behind us now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

down to the metro

My new favorite thing is to eyeball people going down the escalator to the metro. Stony cold faces stare back, crack a smile and see the befuddlement.

7am moscow

It is 7am on the dot, outside a dog yowls, somewhere in the grey. A slow snore begins as the sad howl stops.

Monday, September 15, 2008

chow and god

Chow waiting for the service to end, god takes his time here, as all things do in this place. Dogs que here. Chocolate in gob, happy as Larry, strolling along this grand old city's streets. Woof woof.

deer, bird and sitting cat shadow look odd

Ater the summer palace ... back to nevsky prospect
fading light through the trees about to turn
I would have liked to be Catherine strolling those lanes
manned by marble boys with modest maple leaves
duck with feet cold, tucked up
kids in onesys
tres cute

cat beer russia

ukranian hot stog ... 'shot' is to get the bill
man with hammer pants
no photo
no koala give out
good food, daggy doorman

bird in St Petersburg no hot water ... better fly south for the winter

Tallinn Deer ... cold uber market behind

wheels and eye shadows

the wheels of this soviet place keep turning
but ever so slowly
ques, and more ques
then the wheels buckles and someone has to come and change it
there is a process for this
not linear, more arse-about
the guy who's come to fix the wheel points and gesticulates
you Que again and pay money
wheel is back on but you've missed the train so have to wait again
get off in the cold, old men swig beer and vodka
it's 10a.m. and the woman behind you wears animal print and blue eye shadow
this is Moscow
welcome to Moscow
mind the step

Friday, September 12, 2008

no russian

being a deer with no russian is hard in st petersburg
smiling faces are currently hidden under sombre looks
it's cold and the wind cuts through everything
i may see the hermitage today if they let deers in
the food is good and cheap
the water is cold in the hostel
went to the idiot cafe
like the story not the person

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It is a cold night in the corner tonight
The rain is drip, drip dripping from the rusty awn
The dog toys float about the lawn
Yellow licks under the hood fire bright

Miserable way to end the week
Winter looks to have clawed its way into September
Enough to have made me remember
That winter was grey but not this bleak

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Flower arrangements for the broken hearted

I will take up Ikebana
An art that seems suitable for someone with a heart full of stones
Arranging something beautiful and scented
To fit into a vessel
With balance, lines and elements in order
You can position the blooms and foliage to suit you
Have them where you want them
Delicate and methodical movements
To distract from the slow tumble of the mixer
Full of stones
Tumble until they are polished and smooth
Then I will take up karate

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It begins here in Stones Corner
Only a stones throw away now
The Deer and The Bird and Sitting Cat
On the first day of spring
Soon a seasonal change
And they will be under falling leaves of autumn
Who would have thought it.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

This blog is the home of RE-read design brooches, and will check in every so often to see how they are travelling.

The idea for these brooches came from a journey across Russia, then Mongolia into China with 2 old school friends.

I wanted to make shirts that said ‘team unorganised’ but that went into the too hard basket so I made 3 little brooches, a bird, a deer and a cat.

On the back is written ‘team unorganised’. This blog will document the adventures of the bird, deer and cat on the world's longest train journey from St Petersburg to Beijing.

It also is just a space for my ideas, thoughts and general nonsensical parroting–on about things.
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