Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh Deer

This little deer is over the folly, and needs to find thumper. The candle has been burning from both ends for too long. I blow one end out, and sit the candle upright in its own wax. Old flame. The deer uses the old flame to walk around las canas, hollow still eyes looking out. No idea, no I deer, the candle is out. But I checked in, a curlicue of extinguished smoke floats up into the rafters. He’s still here and there is still more matches.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Screen savers - they died for your sins

Back to reality, back to back, back to being. It’s just me here with the dog; I ask her questions, she never answers. I don’t think she has the answers. Screen saver is the entire ‘photo’ album, saving my screen, not saving me though. Every now and then my not so past, becomes recent and I feel a pang. I should delete. Delete, delete, delete. I’m not angry enough or tough enough to delete yet.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mountain pony

Wind blown and sun dried, four days in the Steppe on a pony named Maurice, the Horse With No Name was out. Tiny rodents poke their heads out of hole, holes the horse's feet are prone to stumble on, run for cover. A golden eagle hikes a ride on the updraft, above us looking down.

Water for the horses a small pool, hooves slip on the rocks. Walk into the forest of one hundred trees and rest for the night with a fire and a wolf yowling somewhere beyond the rise.
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