Monday, November 3, 2008

Endy Dendy

They are closing the old lady down. How many dark nights have we sat here, how many dark knights took arms here, while lovers held theirs. The deep red seats, they smell a little like popped corn, a lot like the assembly of one thousand Brisbane parked arses that have shifted here, with me and without me. I will go there, once more. And like the dead of night Cloudland rubble and so many other of the old girls of this town the curtain will close. The End.

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Hey Harriet said...

I was so sad when I first heard of this news. Totally sucks! I'm a bit angry at Dendy because I remember when they opened at Portside they promised to keep the George Street cinema going. Fibbers! I don't know the full story though regarding the closure, so maybe it was out of their hands. Another bites the dust...sigh :(

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