Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Me More, More to Give, Me More

It’s a little bit about nonsense, but it’s a lot about you.

Monday seems like a generally nonsensical sort of day. So each Monday we will pay homage to a Lear of sorts. Come over here, no more leering in the corner and this ‘short walk’ bunny can be yours. Answer the riddle and hey diddle diddle, the bunny or bird it’s yours . Drawn out of a hat (by a grinning cat) one comment that's right, will soon have in sight ... a shiny new thing like that.

To win this week’s ‘Short Walk’ Bunny finish this line in the comments section...

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea
In a beautiful _ _ _


Bec said...

"pea green boat"

Oh I love singing this song (poem?) to my kids!!! I've always wondered what a 'runcible spoon' looks like....

...looking forward to your nonsensical Mondays. I remember making nonsense poems and limericks with my Pa (big Spike Milligan fan). In fact, I still remember some of the silly things we made up. Yay for falling down the rabbit hole :)

rubyredstudios said... brooch!

They rode on it upturned,
holding onto the clasp they learned
That an adventure was on the approach!

Well it is nonsensicle mondays afterall.

Go Spike Milligan too Bec - especially "on the ning nang nong"

Hey Harriet said...

...filled with jelly!

Oh dear, that's kinda lame. Hey it's late. That's my excuse. Oh well, maybe I'll be in with a chance if it's a random picking rather than a 'best line' picking ;)

Awesome giveaway!

Ali said...

'in a beautiful pea-green boat' - my favourite colour!
Great poem for nonsensical mondays! I never really understood this one, but I love the imagery - the thought of them taking 'some honey and lots of money'- quite romantic really! (it would be a delightful poem to illustrate! hmmm...)

Jingle said...

Oh, now this is fun!

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea
In a beautiful embrace.

Jenna said...

"pellet that owl so kindly coughed up" thanks for the giveaway!

Loopy said...

pea-green boat! I LOVE that poem. I remember we had a print from the book on my wall as a kid. Great Giveaway BTW!!

Charlotte said...

...pea green boat! What a great little nursery rhyme.


DG said...

I wish it was an upturned walnut shell!
....or chocolate covered icecream cone.

but alas it's pea green boat

I know I can do better but right now I'm cracking a walnut open. yum! thanks so much for hosting this! :)


Teneale said...

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea, in a beautiful chocolate boat.

They ate Nutella, under a bright umbrella, and didn't bother with runcible spoons....

Digital Misfit said...

"pea green boat"

hmmm...perhaps if it had chocolate brown sails with sterling silver accents, this wouldn't be so bad.

Very fun giveaway!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Simply WONDERFUL!!!!

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