Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Boxing Day morn, when most people are digesting 4 kilos of turkey and resting comfortably after the Christmas fest, I was up at sparrow’s fart throwing fins, a mask and a bunch of clean underwear into my bag. A superbly nice Christmas day left over drove me to the airport and I reluctantly said bye and two hours later was in the balmy goodness that is Mossman and Port Douglas with my family.

I met the new dog ‘Bizzie’ and we took the new excessively large car to the creek to cool off. Lying in the shallow, slow flowing creek with two moronic heelers dying to have a stick or rock thrown, again and again and then again.

It is so beautiful here for a holiday.

Cooled down, we promptly got hot and sticky again and made stuff and I rummaged through all my mum’s beautiful buttons and fabric and old Pyrex kitchen stuff.
I selected a few pieces that will be coming home with me. ‘These are nice’ ... ‘oh you can have them’ ... correct response.

Went to the market and had sticky rice with mango for breakfast, bought this cute cup then went and had tea with my cousin in a thunder storm. It’s so hot the dogs are too tired to be stupid. 

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Chrisy said...

oh it just sounds will hard for u to come back down south!...i received my brooch's fantastic...really quirky..thanks so much...

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