Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, time for another cup of tea and a bunny

So the prediction may not have come true, yet Chrissy is still the winner of the brooch.  Please have a look at her beautiful blog here

Last week’s little goose is packaged up and off to Romania.  Thinking about far off places gets me all nostalgic for travel.  I’ve been looking through the photos and talking to my lovely little matryoshka dolls on the mantle.  My little painted duck from the exquisite beautiful city of St Petersburg was taken from the mantle and captured in amongst the wise words of The Young Homemaker.                                                                        


I found this cool blog on all things Russian ... it featured this brilliant new way to waste time, Wordle great fun try it out.  I cut and pasted some words from a poem I wrote a while ago.

I’m drinking tea that tastes like vanilla.  I have a bean pod in the ceramic jar with all my bags and each time it’s opened I can smell the wonderful mixture of my favourite tincture and my favourite spice.  So as I sip on my 3rd cup of tea you should have a little ponder on how to finish the poem yonder and you can win the babies bunny.  Just leave a comment, good, bad or indifferent on this post.

Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl!

“How charmingly sweet you sing!

“Oh let us me married! Too long _ _ _:

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Just Be Happy said...

I wish I could travel more often too... but it seems like we manage to go visit my family abroad every year which takes up all our money that could be spent going somewhere new... it's a weird situation... love to see my family, can't let it go... but would love to have some more money to afford trips elsewhere too... lol

by the way, love the website you shared - thank you!

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