Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Love Letter, I love letters

Firstly if you find your way here, read the post before this one and leave a comment ... thanks you rock!

Just found out about 'Mail Art' I love getting letters, not letters from the phone company or my bank but real letters with handwritten words about things that are happening, have happened, will happen to other people in places far from where I live.  I used to write letters when I was younger, and I really don’t do it enough now.  So while I sit here in my lovely little house with my hairy hound Sybil I thought it’s be nice to get more letters ... it’s such a beautiful form of communication that is fading out like tungsten light bulbs.  

So I want you to write me something, write me something beautiful, funny, idealistic or just a dot point on what your dog did today.  Make it arty, include doodles and drawings and cut out bits from magazines and paste them on, oh and use one of the words in the word art below from Wordle ... I will take a photo of your lovely creation and make it the letter of the week each Tuesday.  If you are up for it let me know and I’ll let you know where to post it ...

This week I have no real letters so I have featured the an old post card that was my great grandmothers and is written in Swedish, a language I know very little about except I occasionally do renditions of the Swedish Chef at parties, gatherings, bahmitzvahs etc.  

The ponies on the front are so beautiful and simplistic, it’s a pity i have no idea who the artist was.  I imagine the post card to say something along the lines of ‘Dearest Ella I hope this letter finds you and well. 

The winter here is terribly cold this year, yet the snow fall outside the house and over the lakes is so beautiful I am not inclined to complain.  We are getting ready for Christmas and the house is full of people and food and little muddy boot tracks ...


the fabled needle (jen) said...

thank you for your recent comment on my blog! this is a very interesting idea, i'll have to think about it once the new year comes around!

happy holidays!

Griffin said...

Ok, send me an address and I'll send you a letter, possibly a sonnet... maybe a story... maybe just a letter. In Chancery script. By hand and fountain pen. Because you're right, there is something about writing by hand that is different from typescript. It's personal, like giving somebody a little part of yourself - your heart.

If you click on my profile you'll find my email address. Email me and I'll write something for you.

Jennifer Kosharek said...

yes, i'll write you a letter. are you a boy or a girl? jenniferzoe@juno.com

Griffin said...

Dearest, Mantahay,
My letter's on it's way
with pictures and a tale
that I hope you'll like
and a sonnet that won't fail
to amuse - I need a rhyme for 'like'

Still, do write back if you will
To cure life's bitter grubby pill.

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