Thursday, December 31, 2009

See you round like a rissole

The year is gathering to a close, people are getting ready to stay in with a bottle of vino and the fireworks on TV or go out and get a drunk kiss at midnight. Thus far I am undecided on what we are doing. Although there will be some friends, some bubbles and talk of resolution involved at some stage. My new years resolution is to stick to never having one. It's hard to disappoint yourself that way.

On a cheery new yeary note ... A heart will be posted out to the nether regions of Australia, somewhere in the Gulf someone has won a heart. Check out her blog here.

Another heart is up for grabs this giveaway ... create a link to this post, leave a comment or tweet about this post with #REread.

Next year promises to be a big one, with this Sunday starting it off with the Young Designers Market at Southbank. I will be there with heaps of other clever creative types.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jesus had a birthday and I got all the presents

I walked away from Christmas day a little bit pissy and with a nice stash of presents. The most lovely and thoughtful was a little vintage doll dressed in traditional Saami get-up. I got old books for my REread stuff, some pearls, and a Leunig book. Sybil got a vintage copy of Catcher in the rye. She can't read yet so I may have to read it out loud to her. And Popular Penguins were a big hit ...

I also bought myself a wonderful new toy, a Lumix FZ35. Still figuring out how it all works etc. yet from the few photos I have taken yesterday it looks to be a nice little camera.

I am thinking of a new blog, I have had this idea floating around for a while. The concept was 'conceptualised' one Friday night after a few $2 champagnes at the Fox (classy lady). I was waiting for the bus at the cultural center and just marvelling at the weird outfit ensembles that were also riding public transport.

In the new year I will get the blog up an running ... You wear me out, Brisbane. Hopefully the first post will have a few good images courtesy of the new snapper.

Also comment here for a chance to win a heart! or leave a comment on the original giveaway post below. See you in the new year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before ...

About to gear up for some bowls club action and have a birthday (not mine) drink on the eve of the big day. We have lots of presents wrapped and placed in a room, sans tree. Even Sybil got a little parcel from Santa.

This is not Sybil but some poor other hound dressed in festive cheer.

Mogs design is the luck win win winner of the last giveaway. This week I have a heart to give away for a lucky punter ... just leave me a comment on this post and you're in the running.

win a heart ...

And for those of you in Brisbane I will be at the Young Designers Market on Sunday January 3. Drop in say hi and take a look around.

See you all in the new year, so stupidly dubbed the 'one-der years'.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Need a sweet new pad ???

If you need a new little house in Stones Corner Brisbane or know anyone who does ... check this out - forward -retweet!! xoxox much love to any Brisbane peeps who send this on.

maybe it'll be like those emails you get at work 'if you send this on within 9 minutes you'll get good luck' ... for those who don't I'm guessing you can expect hemorrhoids or a terrible gas while at work OR in the elevator at work. Phee -yhewww.

This is the link to the house ...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm getting tired and I'm sweaty,

... i still want too touch you if you let me.
Because we hugged a few times
it was special and we'll be working all night cause it's pumping.
And you were special

Too hot here in this river city. It's threatening to rain, but the clouds just get my hopes up and then it doesn't. Summer and Christmas means a week off work, and I hope to get some reading done. I want to finish Madame Bovary, and then get through Ask The Dust and maybe start the Larson trilogy by the dead dude. I saw people read it on the bus etc. and thought is was going to be one of those Bryce Courtenay, Dan Brown airport crap, pulp books ... but a few of the Tuesday Night Book Clubers thought it was worth a shot. So ...

from here ...

Amy Cartwright has won herself a little brooch this week ... this week another one is in the running ... just leave me a comment and you could win one.

And ... the coolest thing I have read about this week must be The Uniform Project. One dress, 365 days. Very cool, very clever and I love her fashion ideas with one black pinafore dress. She is also raising money for kids in India to go to school, so it's a great little site to have a look-see and donate some dosh. This month Ebay is matching dollar for dollar all money donated.

And lastly I have added some more stuff on Etsy, check it out, leave a comment and you can win a brooch.

Take care ...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Market Wrap and Market Booty

The BrisStyle Indie market was a hit on the weekend, with lots of punters showing up for some handmade loot. I had a little shop and ended up with a new handbag from BeckyBean, a coin purse from Little Mary Moo and a cool Ibis card from flight industries. The winner of the giveaway (posted a while back) is (oops I posted this before I put the link in!) TrishAlan Design congratulations I will post some gift tags your way.

This is a short post as I am tired from the move and all the marketing! We also became the owners of 3 new chickens on Saturday. Hussein, and her two dominions (Dominion One and Dominion Two).

This week just leave me a comment and a random brooch can be yours ... so get busy!

See you later ...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Whitewash, moving and whitegoods for sale

If you are in the mood for a giveaway then keep reading, then check out this 'white' giveaway, over at edward and lilly. Read on and post a thought for more giveaway action.

Whitewash - the tinsel and general festive guff that is consuming the supermarket aisles like a fungal infection. Plastic toy crap, cheap shitty cards with religious, zealot type messages of blandness and ughh how Christmas fouls the air.

Moving - is me, and the white blur that comes with breaking a lease, building a dog proof booth in the Brisbane summer and packing all my mess into boxes.

Whitegoods - This really just sounded good in the title, but if you are in Bris Vegas and need a washing machine (going cheap) then I'm your girl.

I have been making 'RE-carded' postcards and Xmas cards from old used and unused cards found in op-shops. The postcards are blank, and I have Golden Booked them up and used little snippets to make them odd, funny, cute. The cards are blank or used and I have also given them a new lease on life.

I will be trialing these at the BrisStyle Indie Market December 5th at Hamilton. Also for this weeks giveaway I will be sending a little Christmas gift pack out to a 'commenter', with tags, cards etc. Just in time to send your dull relatives a card that will leave them thinking (again) "why did he marry that nut job, I liked that nice quiet nurse he was dating in Kentucky."


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Holidays, and it's over like that

Back in the land of flushing latrines after two weeks of swimming, riding scooters with ice cream bucket helmets (which we ended up taking off) and the best street vendor food I have ever had in Surat Thani. We were in Malaysia and then ended up in Thailand somehow. It was hot, hot, hot and we got a bit crispy on one day of kayaking, however Brisbane was something stupid like 32 degrees today so it's much of a muchness really.

Sybil was terribly excited upon arrival home, she stopped, dropped and rolled (over) and then whined for about 5 minutes. She's over it now as i gave her a liver treat and a bone and it's like I never left.

(actual dog is not Sybil but a more photogenic dog from

The event of the year of the BrisStle Indie Market is rapidly approaching and I am onto the new stuff like the gift tags, upcycled postcards and also Xmas cards. I will put a few examples up soon and maybe list some on Etsy for the pre Xmas rush.

Stay tuned for when I am more lucid and more able to write something a little heartier, and also the weekly giveaways will start up again. Enjoy the weekend ...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Adios, and see you round like a ...

One more sleep and I'm off on low cost carrier holiday. I have my bag packed with entertainment, muesli bars and a ticket to ride. I will draw a winner (see post below) when I return, as quite frankly I am too tired to be bothered right now.

I checked out nook today, it's on Browning street in West End. Very yummy little shop. If you know this post code you should check it out. I got me some little birdie earrings, they are pretty cool. They can accompany me on the plane.

Lastly I'll leave you with this song, I am into this song at the moment, not sure why, just am. I like the idea of it for a wedding march and the bridesmaid walking behind with Shetland ponies. Good thing there's no ring on my finger.

see you round,

Monday, November 2, 2009

Finders Keepers wrap up

I am on my first day of holidays and I got up at 6.30am? Getting onto more important things like who won the gift tags and the heart brooch ... that would be Charlotte Lucy from this blog. This week you've got until Friday to leave a comment and win a heart brooch. The little blog will be taking a break while I'm somewhere in Southeast Asia picking up a nice little strain of malaria.

The Finders Keepers was amazing, the traffic on Saturday morning got me in a little bit of a fluster, there were people lined up and just swarming ... my beautiful neat display was terrorised by frantic market hands. I did my hair all nice and pretty for the ABC film crew and then they filmed on Sunday ... so I had to pick another outfit. Dear me. It's harder than it looks being interviewed on film ... I was trying to avoid 'dead arms' but then did so many hand movements I looked like I was at a convention interpreting for deaf people. I think I also got all flushed, so hopefully they can find a one minute snippet where I am not looking/talking like a total dilberry.

hair wand ...

matching pairs, started with over 40, went home with one!

little animals, other request from the two days were a pig, a butterfly and a lizard.

hearts, who doesn't love a good heart?

my Mum's creations, the ever popular gift tags. People stood here for 10 to 15 minutes rummaging though this box, laughing their arse off.

need to get sewing ... I have but two softie dolls left

my view for the 9 hours on Saturday and 7 on Sunday ...

behind the scenes

my neighbour, Liana who makes cool accessories from old knitting needles

early afternoon looking in the hall

beautiful light, and a Halloween market goer with a crown on

Sunday night after a hard slog, this building is so beautiful

xoxox see you soon

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