Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bunny Me Thursday

It's almost the end of the week and I am almost done.  Too much pony and birthday excitement can wear a girl out.  So I am at home alone with the tired dog (why she is tired I have no idea) thinking about what would happen if i got caught with a bunny in Queensland (they're illegal here).  I can see myself in a striped twinset, when asked 'what are you in for' I would reply 'Harbouring a rabbit'.  I could change my name to Warren.

So in lieu of having a real, lovely little bunny i have to make do with some bunny pics and a shoebox full of bunny brooches.  If you want one leave a bunny comment here about anything (bunny related will hold more weight however) and next Thursday I'll draw someone at random to send these brooches to.  

If I'm not in gaol.

My favorite Etsy Bunny thing this week by DearDodo

Tea with Peter Rabbit from We heart it

Two bunnies that can hop into your Wednesday work outfit ... 

Monday, January 26, 2009

I want a pony

I got one.  I got many. 

I celebrated my 29th year here on Friday and my friends all pandered to the idea that “I want a pony”.  I have quite the collection of ponies here now. I rode my pony to Sydney for a long weekend.  I got taken to a restaurant called ‘Pony’ at The Rocks.  It was just about the sweetest thing I have every had the good fortune of receiving.  The food was beautiful the drinks went down a treat, and I just couldn’t get over the fact that someone so lovely had the idea to take me to a place called Pony.

It’s the year of the ox, and I am a goat.  It is good luck for me to have a pendent of a horse around my neck ... good thing I want a pony. 

So I am looking for  the perfect pony pendent.  

pity as i really wanted to play with the bag ...

By Oliviamoon on etsy

image by Helen Errington -

Monday, January 19, 2009

This is not a fashion blog ... but

I just made this super cool oversized dress shirt number.  Some chick that was staying with me left a size 14 linen Marco Pecci shirt (along with a lot of other old clothes) at my house.  

So with some clever stitching on my sweetheart Husqvarna, I made this ... additional large Fat Face leather belt (cut about a meter off it and neatly tucked the severed end underneath) and we're done ... tres chic.   

Now I can see why those lovely ladies at Lavander and Yolk, Trish Hunter Finds, On Dressing Up and the beautiful Thrift Candy get carried away with the op shop, hand-me down, on sale at (insert shop here) garb grabs and take pics and post ... 

BTW excuse the complete crappiness of the pics ... I usually photograph things I can see through the viewfinder.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

There’s an Italian in my kitchen and I want to eat him

Thank you to the Woman’s Weekly Big Book of Beautiful Biscuits, there’s a cake stand stacked with Italian Lemon Cookies sitting in my kitchen being eyed off by the dog.  I felt like baking.  I also wanted to use all the vintage kitchen ware I have squirreled away over the past years.  

It’s my birthday this week so I am getting in the mood for sweet things and nicety.   I’m heading south for some fun and a bite of something else quite sweet at the moment.  

It’s time for a cup of tea and a biscuit. 

1. Old lemon juicer and a lime from my Grandfathers farm
2. Garage sale score, vintage Pyrex
3. Fate bought 'Swift Whip' in Church sale vintage Pyrex gem
4. Lovely old silver spoon my Mum brought back from Kustavi and Finland
5. Said spoon with the lime icing in a vintage Johnson Bros bowl
5. My hot Italians on vintage glass cake stand (flogged from my Mum's house)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

O is for OMFG

So still on the whole softie jaunt ... I have loaded a bunch of them on my etsy shop here

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Double Sundae Blog ...

I’m back, after a lazy Sunday of softie making and generally doing Sweet FA.  I am a lazy baker.  I generally don’t really ‘do’ baking as there are steps involved and measurements required.  Occasionally I will go a little bit ape sh!t and bake something stupid out of Gourmet Traveller that you have to prepare one luna cycle in advance and whip by hand for like an hour before you add some random expensive ingredient like palaver essence.  

Today I opted for the ‘tweak the packet’ classic.  One box of cake mix, then add fun things like powdered lingonberry and cloudberry, and a bit of yoghurt and some lime.  I made icing thanks to Betty Croker Frosting Mix - add one passionfruit .  

I made these purely as I found these cute little baby cake cases in the supermarket.  

Impulse buy.     

Arctic Berry Mini Cupcakes ... they sound great (they taste ok too).  I am so not telling the guys at work this was a packet mix.

Sunday Softies

There is cotton wafting about the house in tumbleweeds and scraps of material all over the shop.  I’ve been sewing.  In an attempt to actually use the all the material I been stashing over the years I am making softies like they are going out of fashion ... I have no children don’t know many people with children ... so not 100% why I’m doing this.  Though I have taken a box into work.  When they are all together in a box they look pretty cute.  I might make some pocket money.  I will spend it on drugs and booze, or more material.    

These two little ones are made with some of the Mongolian silk I bought in Ulaanbaatar.  I made them for the two friends I was travelling with.  The night I bought the silk was the same night I ate a dodgy mutton dumpling.  Need I say more?  

This little monster is called Herman the Angry Homo ... for a friend of mine who thought they were cute, so I made his a ‘sour bastard’ one.  He’ll love the OMG ... WTF on the back.

Lastly this ‘Yo Nana’s Tablecloth Toucan’ I invented today ... I think his body shape may change ... but I like this design so far. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sybil my sweet, please stop eating from the bin

Dogs, funny buggers they are. I heart this

We were going to go for a run together tonight, but got side tracked as a friend turned up with new wheels and of course we had to go for a little drive and some eats and a chai tea. So the ever faithful, ever wonderful hound we call Sybil waited patiently at home.

Miss Sybil ... shady character
When I got home tonight she came inside and decided that she would snack from the bin. Delicious.
She is running up and down the hall from one veranda to another as possums run along the roof an drive her nuts.
It's so nice to come home to somebody, even if she does smell a little bit like carrion.

Lomography Carlos Weiser
Sybil has an extreme dislike of cats. If she could have cats for dinner she would. Tonight it's meaty bites and some cheese that's gone yellow and crusty around the edges. This old vintage children's night light she has taken a shine to however.

And the finish it off for tonight I found this wonderous website ... knitting for psychos. The name pretty much sums it up ...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday I loved you more, amore

So, with all the tropical holidaying I have not really got around to getting the whole 'mail art' off the ground.  I did however manage to make some mail art and send it off ... in my haste to post I forgot to take photographic evidence or blog gander.  Oh well ... anyone who is interested in a bit of mail art may want to visit this site.

I mailed off a little romance cover come bird art to the project 'Today I saw an bird and it looked like this" by M Alexandrou.   Here's some bird bits for your viewing pleasure.  From a blog all about birds and birds, and why we should really check them out more ... more about birds ...

Photos - L Selman

Now still on birds and nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds I have come across the bubble ... no not red bubble, which I also frequent (and you should too), but the General Pants bubble ... I thought I'd give it a burl ... if you have the inclination go on there and vote for me, in return I can give you a crooked smile and a box full of bottle caps.

Again in the mail art thread i blog lost myself to Post Secret ... what a great idea!  People anonymously send in their secrets and some guys publishes them all in groovy little coffee table books and makes a nice little packet ... wish I'd thought of that ... 

And lastly as I fade with drooping eyelids into tiredness that no cup of tea, no matter how laden with vanilla bean it is, will keep me awake and lucid I will sign out with this lovely little bit of bird breath ...  (find it and more here) ... goodnight 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

One more day of lazy, holi days

Tomorrow is my last day of holidays ... bummer.  I had such a nice time, am so relaxed and so stocked up with half of my mother’s vintage kitchenware collection.  It’s brilliant.  Mossman is the place to score great old kitchen stuff like Pyrex and anodised aluminium cake tins etc.

Everything’s a dollar!  

Love it.   

lots of red buttons
lots of yellow buttons
lots of green and blue buttons
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