Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sybil my sweet, please stop eating from the bin

Dogs, funny buggers they are. I heart this

We were going to go for a run together tonight, but got side tracked as a friend turned up with new wheels and of course we had to go for a little drive and some eats and a chai tea. So the ever faithful, ever wonderful hound we call Sybil waited patiently at home.

Miss Sybil ... shady character
When I got home tonight she came inside and decided that she would snack from the bin. Delicious.
She is running up and down the hall from one veranda to another as possums run along the roof an drive her nuts.
It's so nice to come home to somebody, even if she does smell a little bit like carrion.

Lomography Carlos Weiser
Sybil has an extreme dislike of cats. If she could have cats for dinner she would. Tonight it's meaty bites and some cheese that's gone yellow and crusty around the edges. This old vintage children's night light she has taken a shine to however.

And the finish it off for tonight I found this wonderous website ... knitting for psychos. The name pretty much sums it up ...

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