Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday and it's Russia with LCA Love

I got a roll of 35mm film back yesterday.  It got rolled off in Russia last year in September.  I took my little Lomo LCA (Audrey) back to her roots.  
Back to her KGB, lomo life of a Russian spy.  
She loved it as did I.

I was pretty happy with the results.  The colour saturation, the tone, the imperfection of the old film and the dust on the lens.  It also brought back the goodtime feeling I had in that wonderful (chaotic but wonderful) country.  If I go back it will be to St Petersburg to stroll in Catherine's Summer Garden (with a lover) and then to bask on the banks of Lake Baikal eating smoked Omul and reading poetry. 

For more about the strange and wonderful world of all things Russian and Lomo see

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The beautiful fairytale streets of St Petersburg 

Poor strays feel the cold, they were all huddled up in the long grass

Cute little Russian house with (I suspect) a cute little Russian mouse ...

We used the WC here ... thank god for shopping malls 

Cheap trinkets to be had here, also a bit of religion if you go for that sort of thing

Train ride home from Sergiev Posad


Chrisy said...

I always enjoy reading snippets of others travels...and of lomo pics of course...

curiositist said...

Hey! thanks for your lovely comment!

I went into your blog and shop, I think this idea of brooches is are like a fay who makes jewelry from fairy tales!

Do you like your trip to Russia? I love Petergoff.I guess the best time for visiting this place is May!It's really beautifull in a spring time.

Baybay Mama said...

I've always heard there were strays running around sad. It's like that in Mexico too:(

ERA.culprits said...

diggin the snaps..

Hot Fudge said...

In a digital world, it's lovely to see 35mm film is still being used. And what beautiful images your little camera has created. It looks like a marvellous trip, lucky you.

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