Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday I got No Love But I Have Put a Voodoo Curse on my Estate Agent

Thought I'd pop a note in here about the new madeit.com site.  They have their new look site up and running.  

It does look better, yet I am still not 100% sure that it is as easy to use as Etsy.

It is an Australian site and I will give it a go however as I would prefer to sell from a local platform.

For a bunny good time see here ... and leave a comment 

And now for some Australian stuff ... mostly good but some so bad it's almost good.

Jackass ... from Madeit seller Lexy Art
May Gibbs ... love her work

hey mate you're just a bit of a dickhead ...

the clapper board ... 

Australian animals that are weird yet still inherently cute ... the faithful and bitey monotreme
two icons in one wonderful game ... goon of fortune


Georgie said said...

I love your posts, always slightly confusing but great to look at.

Gabbi said...

I'd never heard of madeit.com, thank you for the introduction! xoxo

Hot Fudge said...

Yes, I've taken another look at madeit.com over the last few days and have listed some extra items in the hope that they have improved. I'd really prefer to sell locally, so fingers crossed.

littlechrissy said...

Goon of Fortune! Oh god that takes me back to college days and makes me feel slightly unwell.

Wends said...

definately suckful!! oh and uni has started blerghhh
wow you're plushies are sooo amazing!



Georgie said said...

Goon of fortune? Am I missing out on something amazing? Tell me more.

Rianna said...

cool blog, the clapper board is . . . interesting!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

Noshabelle said...

Nice post. Thank you for commenting on my blog! x


babalisme said...

Hi, I was going to send you my mailing address but your email didn't seem to work, Yahoo re-sent it to me and said the account doesn't exist. Do you have another email address? Or did you type it wrong?


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