Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Heart Tuesday Love Letters

Love Letter Tuesday and another love letter sits in my letterbox waiting for me to come home.  From France with love, comes this note upon which is written lovely words I read, but not aloud. 

QPAC has a free Nick Cave exhibition on at the moment.   I walked through it fawning over his image, even when he looks like shit I love him.  The very clever Hey Harriet took this excellent shot for Shadow Shot Sunday ... 

you can read more about the man I obsess immorally and abnormally over here with Hey Harriet

'll be your loverman! I got a masterplan
To take off your dress 
And be your man
Seize the throne Seize the mantle
Seize the crown Cause 
I am what I amWhat I am what I am 
I'm your loverman!
Win a heart, tell a stranger they are the most beautiful creature you've seen all the day long, buy a dog a bone, slip a disk and walk into a personal injuries lawyers office or simply click Here and leave me a comment and link ... you've got till Thursday.  

Men I have loved and will always love, even if I've never met them in the flesh ...

Atreyu.  Oh the boy warrior from The Neverending Story.  He rode his white horse Artax through the Nothing to find the Childlike Princess to give her a name and to save Fantasia.  This was the first film I ever saw at the 'movies'.  I cried like a bitch when the horse died, my mum thought she'd have to take me outside.  I never forgot my first true love, I used to 'talk' to him and have tea with him outside.  I even had the mini record of the theme song ... 

Jose (or Lou) from Young Guns. Oh my wordy lordy, at the tender age of about 13 I watched this and knew that Diamond Phillip's good looks combined with the most sappy Eagles songs known to man is all you need to melt a girls heart. 

I grew up a bit and became obsessed by men who write and sing and (i would imagine) whisper sweet nothings with rude words in ones ear ... enter Tex the most sexy Beast of Bourbon and the rather scrawny, gaunt Cave ... even with that receding hairline I dig you.

And lastly now that Drew is out of the way I can finally spend some quality time with Strokes drummer Fab.  I have never seen these guys live and must do so before I die.  Fabrizio you rock.   

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Got a Heart of Glass

Blondie, love her (them).  I did my hair this weekend ... dyed it 'super' ash blonde ... not sold but it was not a disaster so I guess I'm OK with it.  To grab your own heart of glass get in on my giveaway HERE ... and you can pick any heart (or other brooch) from my etsy store. 

New hearts in my Etsy Store ... Take a look HERE

Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out had a heart of glass
Seemed like the real thing, only to find
Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind

Etsy finds for hearts of glass ... 

Run with scissors it's just shakes things up a little ... even better if you have a pen in your mouth and you're talking on your mobile phone ... HERE 

Beach Glass earrings ... I love the feel and look of beach glass.
You can get it HERE ...

Have a great Sunday ... x from Blondie (and Deb) 


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Think Global ... Shop Local Thursday

The little heart is off the other side of the country to Get Silvered ... She makes beautiful  jewelry with malleable metals.  This week you can pick any brooch from my Etsy Shop that you so desire ... here is the 411 on how to get on.

Link to this giveaway post on your blog. You can do that by clicking on "links to this post" and then "create a link" or create your own post about it on your own blog. Make sure you leave a comment so I know that you've been a little messenger and blogged about the giveaway.
Here are some great Etsy finds from local Brisbane Etsy Shops ... 

Pendant from Up In Annie's Room

Get some paper fashion tips action here ...

break your teeth on some toffee here ...

a minute on the lips ... actually no, these treats you just wear, they're calorie free and they're here ...

why so blue?? From Little Chrissy

OK I'm off like a raw prawn in the sun ... (here) ... 

xxx link and win creative chaps and (predominantly) chapettes

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Night Eating Crap on the Couch, Gotta Give it Away

Sunday night, there are people dancing in my house, they're on the idiot box, I'm just loafing about.  I have made even more of a mess today, fabric scraps are nesting, and the paper scraps are a fire hazard.  It's the end of the weekend and the beginnings of Monday are peeping in through the louvers.  I threw my shoe at it, but it's still there, hanging about in the dark.  So here is some free stuff and also time for tea ...

Win my heart ... Here 

Win something of your own heart Here with Her Library Adventures

A bit of love for your hair Here with Kitty Boo Boo

Now just tea ...

Get this necklace here

Carry your tea with you ... Here

Fire King take me back to 1959 ... Here


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday's not Raining Dear but Here are Some Reindeer

This is an old photo of my beautiful mother taken in Finland in the 70s.  She was studying textile design and floating about being cool and getting freckles in the Arctic sun.  I love this photo and this is the photo that inspired the tattoos I have (much to her distaste) on my arms ... For more heart stuff win a cool brooch HERE  

I will be flexing my democratic muscles today and casting my vote in the Queensland state election.  I hate that I am not really voting 'for' one party but rather just voting 'against' the other.  But you have to pick someone, and I am going to vote, the suffragettes didn't throw themselves under horses and picket in the street so I could whinge about having to take 5 minutes out of my day to cast a vote.  Those who whinge about having to vote should shut the feck up and think about the women and the indigenous people of this country who at one time did not have the right to have their say.

Now for something a little less ranty and more antlery.  Some deer fodder from Etsy ...

There is a deer in my window ... from Mountain Brook

mix and match these cool rings from Soop

The Craft Pantry has got all your venison in the bag ...

Paper and paper and deer ... get it here at Farouche

enjoy the weekend does and bucks

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday I Thought I Told You I Loved You?

The glamour puss is off to Miss Kitty Boo Boo ... woot.  How appropriate that the puss goes to a kitty.  This week I am themeing it around that wonderful feeling you get when your heart goes all tight inside your chest and you feel tingly and warm and nervous and weird all at the same time.  Either your been stung by a bee (and your allergic to them) or your falling or stepping down into lurve.  Gimme me your thoughts and the heart can be yours, whatever you would like to carve on it ...

We are not in Siberia anymore, but we are still in this wide open space and the beer is better.  I miss you when I’m in Las Vegas, a city full of bright lights.  I’ve actually never been, the hostess is showing me how to inflate via the mouth piece and that there is a light and whistle for attracting attention.  I never needed a light and whistle before. 

And lastly a little gem from Chocolate and Steel who is giving away this uber cool silver ring ... yum  

Darling I now have a butter dish that 
is shaped like a cow

                              Leonard Cohen

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Heart Saturday, I Heart Saturday with You More

Firstly click here and it's worth your while ... It's Saturday it's a lovely day, I think Sybil can have a bath tomorrow to impress the house guest.  I have been making some new brooches, steering away from the bunny theme I have gone all sappy on your arse and done some hearts. 
 when life give you oranges ... give it apples

Oh it's true ... you might be a sap 

some more Etsy heart sap from other doe-eyed young things with their hearts in a twitter and shoes in a shuffle

I will leave the key in the fuse box ... don't lose it or give it away
or I'll hunt you down and kill you xoxox

The birds are chirping, twittery, cheery little morning things
At 5am though I want to shoot them with a BB gun
For more killer items see Prince Design

Love to look cool, loving these from Pulp Sushi

... bye Saturday 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paper Crane Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Paper Crane Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

not a dress ... but you can pin it on it when you win


Feline Foughts on Fursday ... say that with a cockney accent

Firstly let's cut to the chase, this week the classy lady wearing duck will be Pilli Pilli ... eat him with some good Italian wine, marinate for 3 hours and serve with crusty bread and olive oil.  

So off to Italy the place of garlic and oil and being pretty nonchalant in the war, goes this duck.
This week I have a pretty pussy to give away ... so please leave a comment be it crass or nice and this green ol' cat may be scratching the arms on your sofa for no good reason at all ...

For more free stuff see Miss Kitty Boo Boo and check out her catty shop on Etsy while your in the vicinity.

More cat stuff see Preta Pawte for some couture collars for you smelly dog or arrogant cat.  

Marlon you dog you  ... all the cats love this guy ... from We Heart It

  see you later ... I am booked in for a weekend with a very cool cat, who smells like the beach and has a back pocket that my hand keeps slipping into ...

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