Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Heart Saturday, I Heart Saturday with You More

Firstly click here and it's worth your while ... It's Saturday it's a lovely day, I think Sybil can have a bath tomorrow to impress the house guest.  I have been making some new brooches, steering away from the bunny theme I have gone all sappy on your arse and done some hearts. 
 when life give you oranges ... give it apples

Oh it's true ... you might be a sap 

some more Etsy heart sap from other doe-eyed young things with their hearts in a twitter and shoes in a shuffle

I will leave the key in the fuse box ... don't lose it or give it away
or I'll hunt you down and kill you xoxox

The birds are chirping, twittery, cheery little morning things
At 5am though I want to shoot them with a BB gun
For more killer items see Prince Design

Love to look cool, loving these from Pulp Sushi

... bye Saturday 


Penny said...

Aww the hearts are pretty look though. I like the little bird, this one won't wake you.

missknits said...

love all these hearts! especially the birdy! hope you had a wonderful saturday too!

Unknown said...

hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! i'm partial to lolcats... that make me, well, lol. we're planning on printing out stupid pictures of our cat and sticking them to the fridge and then making comments. stupid fun.
i love your brooches! especially those new ones. Great work!

Hot Fudge said...

There's nothing wrong with sappy hearts - in fact, I think your latest brooches are simply gorgeous. Ooo, and I love the chirpy little bird as well. But I know what you mean about the BB gun at 5am!

Anonymous said...


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