Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Heart Tuesday Love Letters

Love Letter Tuesday and another love letter sits in my letterbox waiting for me to come home.  From France with love, comes this note upon which is written lovely words I read, but not aloud. 

QPAC has a free Nick Cave exhibition on at the moment.   I walked through it fawning over his image, even when he looks like shit I love him.  The very clever Hey Harriet took this excellent shot for Shadow Shot Sunday ... 

you can read more about the man I obsess immorally and abnormally over here with Hey Harriet

'll be your loverman! I got a masterplan
To take off your dress 
And be your man
Seize the throne Seize the mantle
Seize the crown Cause 
I am what I amWhat I am what I am 
I'm your loverman!
Win a heart, tell a stranger they are the most beautiful creature you've seen all the day long, buy a dog a bone, slip a disk and walk into a personal injuries lawyers office or simply click Here and leave me a comment and link ... you've got till Thursday.  

Men I have loved and will always love, even if I've never met them in the flesh ...

Atreyu.  Oh the boy warrior from The Neverending Story.  He rode his white horse Artax through the Nothing to find the Childlike Princess to give her a name and to save Fantasia.  This was the first film I ever saw at the 'movies'.  I cried like a bitch when the horse died, my mum thought she'd have to take me outside.  I never forgot my first true love, I used to 'talk' to him and have tea with him outside.  I even had the mini record of the theme song ... 

Jose (or Lou) from Young Guns. Oh my wordy lordy, at the tender age of about 13 I watched this and knew that Diamond Phillip's good looks combined with the most sappy Eagles songs known to man is all you need to melt a girls heart. 

I grew up a bit and became obsessed by men who write and sing and (i would imagine) whisper sweet nothings with rude words in ones ear ... enter Tex the most sexy Beast of Bourbon and the rather scrawny, gaunt Cave ... even with that receding hairline I dig you.

And lastly now that Drew is out of the way I can finally spend some quality time with Strokes drummer Fab.  I have never seen these guys live and must do so before I die.  Fabrizio you rock.   


Anonymous said...

the list of boys i've loved would have to include the older son in honey i shrunk the kids (keep in mind i was very young!), omri katz from the show eerie indiana (i used to 'talk' to him too, and write alternative story lines in my head) - he was also in hocus pocus, michalangelo from the ninja turtles, and so man more
i was a romantically restless child

xxx said...


best wishes Ribbon :-)

Hey Harriet said...

You are so right! Even when Nick Cave looks like crap he still looks super in a dirty kinda sexy way! I love how intense & obsessive that 'Loverman' song is. He sounds so threatening. I always liked to imagine that he was singing it to me...threatening me with his love!

A girl can daydream :D

William Street Store said...

Beuaitufl images!!
Thanks for coming by my blog :)

Yes, you must read the twilight series. I finished all 4 within a week.

Anonymous said...

Loving this post. You're a great writer. (^_^)

Thank you for your comment on my blog. x

Erin Bowe said...

Thanks for fawning over my profile pic. Best. Night. Ever.

I love to show it off. Fans drool; non-fans furrow their brow in confusion. My poor husband--he captured that awesome shot, and was then chastised (by me) for not catching the KISS! What a good sport.

And, yes, it's nice to dream...

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