Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday and I can Feel it in me Waters ...

Firstly the winner of the worldly flying duck is CHLOËBUG from The Antrropology Faery, yay you!  If you ever go to Zarazoga you can show them this brooch.  

Secondly and more importantly this week I am giving away a bunny ... a bunny who maybe dabbled in crack cocaine once or twice and is into illusion and hopping.  If you want this then comment on this post and I'll randomly pick a name next week and send it off to you ... 

For those of you who are lucky enough to be in a place where it gets dark at 5:30 every day then you may want to drag your sorry arse down to the Stitches and Craft Show.  Some Uber clever lassies from BrisStyle will be there giving demos, discounts and puppies.  Read a more detailed and sensible summary here on the BrisStyle blog.  (Puppies may not be given out) 

In the mail this week I got a cute little hair clip flower from Kacey Higley ... see her shop here.  I won it off this great little blog called Pretty Young Thing go check it out ...

a pic from Twisted Crystals shop (Kacey Higley)
and now for a crap photo I took of the lovely flower in my hair

Now for some more talent from the BrisStyle team and a bit of a flog of my stuff too.  


Do your kids listen to Janis Joplin like all the time and do they often say at the dinner table 'hey man, you know vegetables have feelings too, no way man, I'm not eating my greens it's total cruelty' ... yes well they need this tres cute reversible dress from the ever clever Hot Fudge

Whistle while you walk ... smell the coffee with this jute coffee bag upcyled by the industrious sister duo of Where's Becky Bean ... go bag it

Are you clutching at straws, do you feel tired and stressed ... I don't know who this clutch would help but it's quite cute so maybe you should check it out ... here at Shelley Berelli

and all this unbelievably cool shit is mine ... you can buy it on my Etsy site

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday and All I got Was this Advertising Junk Mail ... Where's my Love Letter?

No love letter for me this week ... seems only the local pizza chain and an office furniture company want me, and not even for my good looks and wit, but rather for the 900 shekels my PM is putting in my piggy ... apparently

So onward and upward and to any Brisbane Vegaites that might be hanging about like an old mans fart this week end you should take yourself off to the 4ZzZ Trash and Treasure Market.  If you like trash or treasure or you're just a sad bastard with nothing to do here's the deal Neil;

Saturday March 2nd
Mini markets in the 4ZZZ car park.
A fun arvo full of arts & craft, vintage clothing, vinyl records, bake sale, clothes swap and 4ZzZ DJs playing tunes.
WHEN: 12 NOON to 5PM
Saturday May 2nd
WHERE: 291 St Paul's Terrace,Fortitude Valley
4ZzZ CARPARK and Station
(blurb stolen from the delightful Kitty Boo Boo who will be there ... )

Now some penguin things from Etsy.  Inspired by a tale I heard over a dinner with friends this weekend ... the abridged version goes like this.  Her dad works on a fishing trawler off the wild west coast of Tasmania, when the nets are full the float, like little islands.  As they were pulling up the 'little island' they saw sitting on top a King Penguin.  He was tired as he was a long way from where he should have been so they fed him some fish and took him back to port where the CSIRO then came got him so they could drop him off 'home' on their next trek to the icy pole.  However somehow the penguin, managed to go missing.  He was found a day later in the kitchen of a big restaurant, apparently he just strolled in ... maybe he was after a souffle?  And if you want towin a duck (sort of like a penguin but it can fly and quack) comment here 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's Got Me All in a Tizz and I'm Dunking my Biscuit in My Tea

And the lucky winner is Dooder City !! The Little Boy earrings will be off to NYC soon.

This week I have a Flying Duck to giveaway ... write me a comment and you'll be in the loop.

Just because I'm tired 
and don't have the inclination to write a passage 
I've stolen one from my main man Keats ... 
and then some pretty pictures of goldfish ... 
these are dedicated to my most recent edition Wednesday
My goldfish who has not yet died

 HAD a dove and the sweet dove died; 
And I have thought it died of grieving: 
O, what could it grieve for? Its feet were tied, 
With a silken thread of my own hand's weaving; 
Sweet little red feet! why should you die - 
Why should you leave me, sweet bird! why? 
You liv'd alone in the forest-tree, 
Why, pretty thing! would you not live with me? 
I kiss'd you oft and gave you white peas; 
Why not live sweetly, as in the green trees? 

from we heart it 

from Very Vintage ....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love Letter Tuesday and I'll Tell You Something Else for Nothing ...

Another lovely letter from across the sea, addressed to me, from Germany!  Thank you lover who I've never met for your lovely Tuesday gesture ...  

In a little plug, myself and the BrisStyle Etsy lassies are gearing up for out Indie market in July ... here's a little bit more info

Some Esty ladies from our talented BrisStyle group 

you wear it, but it looks like you eat it from Strat Designs

You're zipper's undone, oh no you're wearing button-ups 
from the heart at Ruby Red

buy me I'm cute ... from Pretty Head

Who do you love this Tuesday? ... write about here with Love Janie Lou ...

Be still my beating heart, then read me another chapter ... from none other than the Decadent workshop of Art Decadence


So to another postal positive day, where the postie dropped me off some love and the dog did not return the favour ... and as Elvis Costello once said 

I'm your toy, I'm your old boy
But I don't want no one but you to love me
Oh I wouldn't lie
You know I'm not that kind of guy

those lines make about as little sense as most of this post ... 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Melodic Monday Sing Me a Song Wordy Birdie

Ah Monday, the most bitching day of the working week (bad bitching not good bitching).  Though the weekend was excessively lovely, so at least I kitted up for work in a terribly good mood.  

The essence of shit hot rolled into my driveway on a motorcycle, wearing a leather jacket on a Sunny Sunday afternoon.  It was almost squeal worthy.  Though, in an attempt to maintain my level of 'shit hot' I just smiled and pulled on my boots and then hung on like spider monkey ... all the way up the mountain.  Thus good mood Monday.

If you haven't made a comment here and want some cool earrings that I'm giving away ... then lend me your thoughts.  Also have some new things up n my Etsy store ... like the wordy birdie ...

And wrap your laughing gear around these tweety birds from some other Esty peeps ...

Love Birds ... sitting  in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G 
check these out from Scampsville

Sing ... Sing me a song about souvenir spoons ...

Tweet a little softer birds, you're right next to my ears ...
Hark some bird song here with Lulu Bug

enjoy the rest of your Monday ... 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday and I Think You’re a Few Tools Short of a Tool Shed

First and foremost don’t forget to comment here and win these damn cool earrings, I will draw a winner next Thursday).  Secondly if you are up for a little bit of sharing the love go vote for me on the eco friendly upcycle Etsy page ... my little creature heart brooch is in the running.

It’s not fu*k wit Friday till tomorrow so I’m going with you’re a tool Thursday.  There’s nothing like a blog entry to get that bordering on ’psychopathic’ internal monologue rant you’ve been incubating all week out. I’m up for a bit of ‘ten things I hate about you, or anyone, or anything’ Thursday ... join me and have a wee spaz on your blog.

1.       Baby on board stickers in cars – what would you like me to do lady?  Fender bender you quietly?  Drive past and read the little messiah a nursery rhyme?  Big deal, I want a sticker that says “maccas wrapper, crow bar, 6 pens that don’t work and one that does, dog hair and tissue box onboard 

2.       People who say ‘pacifically’ not specifically.  English people, it’s what we use to talk with, try it sometime.

3.       People who stop in a thoroughfare unexpectedly and without good reason.  NO if you are in a crowded mall, in a slipstream of walking people you do not stop unless Jesus materialises before you wearing budgie smugglers and sipping a soy latte, even then I would recommend you keep moving.

4.       People who stop and stand in pairs on escalators.  WHY?  Do you suddenly lose the ability to walk up or down stairs once you step on a moving escalator, did you have a stoke?  Keep moving asshole

5.       People who say shit like “bit wet out there eh?” when you get into a lift soaking wet after getting caught in a Brisbane rain storm.  “No this is seminal fluid, I work in porn and they just coat us in this while we’re on set, yes it’s raining and it’s wet out there dick wad”

6.       When checkout chicks or checkout boys talk to you based on the contents of your shopping basket “oh having lamb for dinner tonight?  Oh and are these good?” no geek meister they taste like crap, that’s why I buy them I enjoy a bit of self flagellation and making myself eat absolutely awful food every now and then.”

7.       Bert Newton ... enough said

8.       Women who work in posh clothes store and who look at you with a mouth like a cats bum and give you the up and down.  Look skank, I earn more than you and I know how to use a computer for more than ringing up a till and using facebook.  Now I’m going to leave a lipstick smudge in the collar of that cream cashmere bolero

9.       TV Ads that feature women who love to clean and almost have an orgasm over the bleach they use to remove the poo stains from their toilet bowls, while their almost Neolithic son and husband grunt and eat meat straight from the fridge.  Yes, because all women love to clean and all men are so stupid they can’t make a sandwich?

10.   Ankle boots ... sorry I just don’t like them, how do they look good? And when?

Love this teacup with plate from Trixie Delicious

And this parking note from Wry and Ginger

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blues, Ben, Mud and Music

So after an intensive mud walking, gumboot toting, poncho wearing week I am back in Brisbane with all my teeth where I left them and aching thighs.  The 20th annual East Coast Blues Fest was as muddy as it was bluesy.  The weather and the smell of the port-a-loos were about as pleasant as a French man's arm pit but I still managed to rock out or as normal people would say, have fun.  Michael Franti was my number one, super, dooper highlight of the festival.  Check this shit out ... Michael Franti and Spearhead : Hey World (Don't Give Up)

This is me being a wanker, waiting for Ben Harper ... who granted, is a GREAT musician but really a bit of an arrogant twat it seems ... the last two times I've seen him I've been like hhhhhhhmmmmm after (and that's a bad hhhhhmmmmmm not a good noise like the mmmmmmmm you make about ice cream from the tub on the couch or cold baked potatoes from the fridge with too much salt)

Back to arty stuff ... I'm branching out and doing earrings now.  In between being a cool, rock goddess slash blues groover, I sit at home, alone with my dog making Jewellery from children's books.  I have added some of my new earrings to my etsy shop ... also this week I'll be giving away a pair!  Generous  and a looker, what don't I have?  Modesty evidently.

So comment here about anything, and yes I am aware that I look like I've suffered a stoke in this pic.  It's a medical condition called 'being a tired, little bit drunk, moron'.  

Lastly you can vote for my 'upcycled' Etsy products here ... vote, vote, vote !! My little heart brooch from the book the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was picked in the Eco Friendly Items for a Better World comp on Etsy ... 


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday I'm Bettin on Friday

Thankyou to all those who blogged about my little Etsy store and my brooches … the lucky winner to pick any brooch from my store is Oh Phillipa … let me know what one you would like and I will post it off to you (includes the matching sets).

Don't have a lot to say this post … I will be having a wee break as I'm off for a camping jaunt in the southern states, complete with tiny tin billy and burner for making tea. Then I'm off to the Beautiful Byron bay to frolic in the mud at the Blues and Roots festival for a week. Thank you Kevin for my $900 I will be spending it on beer and merchandise. Looking forward to seeing Archie Roach with Ruby Hunter ...

Hope Easteryour is spent thinking about what Easter is really about … chocolate eggs delivered by a magical bunny … that's right drugs. So enjoy plenty of hallucinogenic substances over the holiday and don't flip out in front of your friends .. That's so not cool man.

A post card I got printed a few years ago and sent to my relatives ...


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