Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's Got Me All in a Tizz and I'm Dunking my Biscuit in My Tea

And the lucky winner is Dooder City !! The Little Boy earrings will be off to NYC soon.

This week I have a Flying Duck to giveaway ... write me a comment and you'll be in the loop.

Just because I'm tired 
and don't have the inclination to write a passage 
I've stolen one from my main man Keats ... 
and then some pretty pictures of goldfish ... 
these are dedicated to my most recent edition Wednesday
My goldfish who has not yet died

 HAD a dove and the sweet dove died; 
And I have thought it died of grieving: 
O, what could it grieve for? Its feet were tied, 
With a silken thread of my own hand's weaving; 
Sweet little red feet! why should you die - 
Why should you leave me, sweet bird! why? 
You liv'd alone in the forest-tree, 
Why, pretty thing! would you not live with me? 
I kiss'd you oft and gave you white peas; 
Why not live sweetly, as in the green trees? 

from we heart it 

from Very Vintage ....


Chrisy said...

Yeah I'm a dunker of luck to Wednesday...hope she doesn't end up in ur bath!

Sam said...

Lovely poem! I forget about poetry - you've reminded me how lovely it is again! Thank you!

Baybay Mama said...

I won I won! -jumping up and down-
Woohoo! Thank you so much in advance. I emailed you my address darling.

babalisme said...

what's up with Wednesday (such a cute name for a little fish)? DOn't die yet Wednesday!!

Jasmine N said...

Cool another great comp! I lurve poems... and good luck Wednesday

GetSilvered said...

I'm not commenting to try and win something - I already did that :)

Got the brooch you sent me. Love it, Thanks - here's my blog post about it!

chloeraub said...

thanks for the sweet comment, means a lot to me! i love your jewelry, i just love recycling old children's illustrations. i like the stanimals too, they remind me of church dolls that little girl in new orleans used to bring with them to church, the idea being that when dropped they would not make a sound :).
good luck with Wednesday, i've officially given up on fish as too many died on my watch, but they can be so pretty!

Le said...

lurve your work ... I have a wee elephant with 'we did laugh' on it ... just so makes me smile :)
glad to see another hamilton market - just loved the dec (?) one - I bought it as a gift but ... it never got gifted :) hee hee le xox

Anonymous said...

beautiful post, very dreamy and pretty.

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