Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday and All I got Was this Advertising Junk Mail ... Where's my Love Letter?

No love letter for me this week ... seems only the local pizza chain and an office furniture company want me, and not even for my good looks and wit, but rather for the 900 shekels my PM is putting in my piggy ... apparently

So onward and upward and to any Brisbane Vegaites that might be hanging about like an old mans fart this week end you should take yourself off to the 4ZzZ Trash and Treasure Market.  If you like trash or treasure or you're just a sad bastard with nothing to do here's the deal Neil;

Saturday March 2nd
Mini markets in the 4ZZZ car park.
A fun arvo full of arts & craft, vintage clothing, vinyl records, bake sale, clothes swap and 4ZzZ DJs playing tunes.
WHEN: 12 NOON to 5PM
Saturday May 2nd
WHERE: 291 St Paul's Terrace,Fortitude Valley
4ZzZ CARPARK and Station
(blurb stolen from the delightful Kitty Boo Boo who will be there ... )

Now some penguin things from Etsy.  Inspired by a tale I heard over a dinner with friends this weekend ... the abridged version goes like this.  Her dad works on a fishing trawler off the wild west coast of Tasmania, when the nets are full the float, like little islands.  As they were pulling up the 'little island' they saw sitting on top a King Penguin.  He was tired as he was a long way from where he should have been so they fed him some fish and took him back to port where the CSIRO then came got him so they could drop him off 'home' on their next trek to the icy pole.  However somehow the penguin, managed to go missing.  He was found a day later in the kitchen of a big restaurant, apparently he just strolled in ... maybe he was after a souffle?  And if you want towin a duck (sort of like a penguin but it can fly and quack) comment here 


Jasmine N said...

How cute is the penguin. Absolutely beautiful.

Tania said...

I’m beginning to think I live in the wrong state, what with all the trash and treasuring going on elsewhere.

Hey, many thanks for your comment. I was posting as it popped in and I have just completely ripped it off (but done the linky/credit thing of course) because it had me in stitches and blurting my tea all over my keyboard. You should come by more often.

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