Saturday, May 30, 2009

Markets, Cupakes, Tea and a Biker Boy it's Saturday

Saturday, the day before Sunday, that comes well before Thursday ... which is when I will pick a name at random to win this little bunny ... comment on the post below and he can be yours ... 

Toddled off to the West End Markets this morning with an old friend who's back in town.   We had chai and some bread in the Autumn morning sun.  Bought a very cute little vintage teacup and un-matching saucer from a funny little guy in a white denim jacket.  It's so dainty and pretty, I love that it goes together but it's not a match.  I usually gulp tea from a huge (very ugly) cup with my work logo on it.  I love tea, I like a good half litre of the stuff, but sometimes it's nice to drink it (like a lady) from a proper little teacup.  

After the markets we stopped at the cupcake shop and bought some absolutely 'icing excess' cupcakes.  They are too cute, but not too cute to not eat.

When I got home the nicest boy I know called to see what lunch plans were ... no plans.  Got a visit from said nicest boy for lunch ... sigh ... boys and cupcakes and weekend sunshine are way too nice to forgo.  Now I'm back into the vapours of creativity and making more brooches ... the fox is my newest little animal for my REread brooches ... 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mythical bunnies, this is what I thought I heard You Say Thursday

Firstly the matter of the sparrow.  He'll be flying by the Griffin, to be caught up in talons taken back to some elfin grot and devoured, only his little kidneys left on the welcome mat.

This week a pixie bunny just wants to be your friend ... leave me a comment and you can win him ... seriously I'm not shitting you.

win ... win ... win ...     

 An Etsy bunny from the very clever Sharon Montrose ... see her shop here

I am all booked in to be a ski bunny this winter with my breakfast of Eggs Benedict ...
Log fire, red wine, bear skin rug and me with a twisted ankle.

we heart it
Guy on Bluetooth: What did I say? I said I love you and you didn't fucking say anything back. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?

so bunny up good guys and gals ... until next time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Brown Paper Parcels Tied Up with String, Make Me a Hat

The pretty, and pretty talented Renee Anne from Art4Friends has walked away as the carry over champion and will be sporting a new wolf brooch sometime soon.  This week you can win ... win, win, win yourself a little sparrow ... just leave a comment.

win me ... !!!! win, me

Talking about sparrows and little birds The Happy Prince is number 1 on my favourite things list.  The clever Nicole from Hot Toffee tagged me, so I'm sharing my 7 favorite things ...

2. Romance - I am a sucker for it.  Even if i do pretend most of the time I am emotional like a refrigerator ... it's not true.  I love a good bosom heaving period drama, and by golly gosh if Mr Darcy ever asked me on a date I would be inclined to say 'atrocious, but I must accept on principle'

another gem from the wildly talents Jessica Tremp

3. Eating raw pasta - don't knock it until you try it.  I may have no enamel left on my teeth but it makes for a quick, simple, satisfying snack.  Who'd of thought there be a meal easier than tea and toast.

4. The Ocean - I grew up on it and by it.  I can think of nothing more beautiful than being so far out to sea you can't see land anymore.  Lying on the top deck watching the skies above the pacific turn dark and then sprinkle with stars.

5. Pyrex - Love the stuff.  I love finding it in thrift shops, markets and my mothers cupboards.  

6. Making sh!t - Art, drawing, writing, whatever it may be that takes me at the time.  It usually ends in mess and a crafty product ... see very cool hat I made tonight.

7. Sybil - The dog who is currently roaming about whining for some reason.  Then just sits next to me and stares at me until I pat her, then proceeds to roam about the house again making an ass hat of herself.   I should have got a Labrador.

night ...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sans Love Letter, but A Green Monster & it's Not Envy

My little green monster (bear brooch) from Pretty Head arrived today ... so I decided to take a pic of it on ... turns out Sybil loves the self timer noise and ran at me like a dog possessed each time the shutter went off ... in the end I just turned it into a bit of a game.  So see my monster and my mentally inept K9 in these pics.  Check out her shop (brooch lady not the dog) and the little brooches, they're an absolute steal at $3.50 OMFG

Thank you acronyms xx

It's raining still.  My backyard is a little pond without fishes.  The dog smells like the carpet at an RSL (when smoking was not banned inside).  I really should stop listening to such sad music all the time.  I'm turning into a drip.

In the morning I'll be with you
But it will be a different "kind"
I'll be holding all the tickets 
And you'll be owning all the fines


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, Two White Doves and A Happy Meal

Such a beautiful Autumn day. we went for a morning walk and ran about like mental yentals with a puppy called Ruby.  On the way home we saw two white doves having a good crack at he remnants of a McDonalds meal left next to a park bench.  How romantic.  I wonder if the two silly twits who 'released' the creamy white pair on their (I'm assuming) wedding day, ever wondered what would happen to them?  

Today was filled with some Sunday washing, a long walk with and a dog park romp and then two white peaceful doves getting a cholesterol hit.

don't forget to get your wolf here ... just comment 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday and so I Sojourn Here and tell you Some More about Love

Saturday, I love almost as such as Sunday.  It's a little brisk this Autumn morning so I slept in and then had a lazy breakfast on the deck with Miss Sybil in my Ugg boots.  All class.  Op shopped it up, on a mission for another small Pyrex vintage bowl for my market stall.  But alas, to no avail.

images from WE HEART IT and all the awesome hearts are mine ...

Butterball is back on the agenda and I have put some more brooches up in my Etsy shop for him ... please have a look.  I'm excited at the prospect of the whole 'surprise proposal' ... to read the full saccharin sweet story click here ... other than that have a wonderful weekend.

Oh and if you want to win a wolfy one ... click here and comment away xxxx

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday with wine and Vale Bud

This morning we lost a wonderful actor.  I remember thinking a while ago, when some celebrity had died, who I would get upset about in my lifetime ... I thought David Attenborough as he's just such a great old guy with good sense and sensibilities and Charles 'Bud' Tingwell was on my list.  

I did shed a little tear for the lovely old fellow on the news tonight ... I can be sentimental, or maybe it was just the massive does of fluoride I'd ingested previously ... those who don't watch Brisbane news won't get that.   Don't worry too much, it's not really worth getting.

So with a glass of warm, dark red, a brimming bath (sorry water restrictions) and the dulcet melodies of Euro Vision Moscow 2009 in the background, goodnight.  And good rest Bud.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wolf it Down, Get it into You ... Thursday

The 'must get ready' bunny will be off to Helen ... and this week all your wolfish dreams and desires are here with my little 'As She Ran' devilish wolf.  It's this weeks giveaway.  So please leave me a comment and go check out my shop for more little paper critters you can wear.

Win This ... It's so cool you know you want it 

When I was little we lived in Victoria and my Dad used to fox hunt, we often had skinned foxes hanging in the shed and his office had fox pelts on the wall along with several old oiled guns.  After watching the Never Ending Story and seeing the evil Gmork (the big, bad super scary wolf) I developed a fear of 'under bed foxes'.  I wold lie awake at night listening to the slow deep sinister breathing of the fox/wolf creature.  I knew was under my bed.  I was safe if I kept all my limbs tucked under the sheets.  I was an odd child, turned into an odd person. 

Holy beejeebus this guy scared proverbial crap out of me when I was 5 ...

A beautiful image by a talented Red Bubble fellow ... Jessica Tremp ... go check her out

A resting fox to rest your tea bag on ... get it here it's cheap and it's wonderful!

They know how to do 'faux' in Krakow ... this fox stole is from Celapiu !!

Get this Fox in the Woods here ... learn some Slovak while you're there!!

Thank you ... don't forget to comment !!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunday Cake with Moran and Dogs, Why They Rock

This little post is inspired by the super dog Gem ... A fellow BrisStyler owns Gem ... 

'Gem is very special to me because she is more then a pet and a friend, she is my Medical Assistance Dog. I can't leave home without her.'  

Gem needs an operation and it costs a lot of shells, so if you cried in Lassie or Old Yeller then you may want to pop over to her blog and read more about it ... here.  Thanks

Yesterday I spent all day pottering about with my wonder dog, Sybil.  We made dinner for a friend in the crock pot and then made a sasher torte ... She mostly slept on the kitchen floor, dreaming with her nails tick, click, ticking on the cork floor while I whipped, folded, baked and frosted the cake for my little friend with the funny accent.  

Thank you Sybil, my absolutely no assistance dog

He (moran cake was for) also happens to be the 'Butterball' you can read all about it here ... and then go to my Etsy store and help the little tyke out with some dosh for an airfare ... here.

Now for some pictures of dogs ... just because ... I love dogs.

You crazy, wonderful dog!  (Old Yeller)

Top two from We Heart It and Bottom image from Cheeso on


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday One for you ... One for Love

The very clever one half of Where's Becky Bean, is Miss Jade and she has won a bunny ... This week I have another bunny to giveaway ... Yet in an effort to promote my little Micro Campaign that is Butterball Loves Ladybug  I ask you to have a look at my Etsy Shop and let me know what item you would most want to take home with you in a Wynonna Rider sort of way ... you'll get two entries if you then create a link to this post OR my Etsy shop.

A very girlie bag from the Lucky Winner !!

Win this ... 
1. One entry = Leave a comment after you visit here 
2. For two, leave a comment and Create a Link to this post OR my Etsy shop on your blog

And now for more important things like helping get Butterball off the the deep south to ask his gorgeous lassie to marry him !!  Romance abounds, so if you want to help, spread the word, blog about it or go and buy a Butterball product here ... all the money goes toward airfares and postage is free ... it's a donation but you get something ... like a good feeling and a tres cool brooch xxx

The fantastic Rebecca has started the ball rolling by buying a heart brooch ... thank you !!  I will keep posting on the progress and let you all know how it goes ... 

Lavender Bird from Edward and Lilly ... 


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