Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Brown Paper Parcels Tied Up with String, Make Me a Hat

The pretty, and pretty talented Renee Anne from Art4Friends has walked away as the carry over champion and will be sporting a new wolf brooch sometime soon.  This week you can win ... win, win, win yourself a little sparrow ... just leave a comment.

win me ... !!!! win, me

Talking about sparrows and little birds The Happy Prince is number 1 on my favourite things list.  The clever Nicole from Hot Toffee tagged me, so I'm sharing my 7 favorite things ...

2. Romance - I am a sucker for it.  Even if i do pretend most of the time I am emotional like a refrigerator ... it's not true.  I love a good bosom heaving period drama, and by golly gosh if Mr Darcy ever asked me on a date I would be inclined to say 'atrocious, but I must accept on principle'

another gem from the wildly talents Jessica Tremp

3. Eating raw pasta - don't knock it until you try it.  I may have no enamel left on my teeth but it makes for a quick, simple, satisfying snack.  Who'd of thought there be a meal easier than tea and toast.

4. The Ocean - I grew up on it and by it.  I can think of nothing more beautiful than being so far out to sea you can't see land anymore.  Lying on the top deck watching the skies above the pacific turn dark and then sprinkle with stars.

5. Pyrex - Love the stuff.  I love finding it in thrift shops, markets and my mothers cupboards.  

6. Making sh!t - Art, drawing, writing, whatever it may be that takes me at the time.  It usually ends in mess and a crafty product ... see very cool hat I made tonight.

7. Sybil - The dog who is currently roaming about whining for some reason.  Then just sits next to me and stares at me until I pat her, then proceeds to roam about the house again making an ass hat of herself.   I should have got a Labrador.

night ...

19 comments: said...

Great to find out some of your favourite things. Love the little birdie.

Griffin said...

I prefer the old 'Romance' of the Romantic movement in the late 18th/early 19th century... less Mills and Boon and more Mystery of Udolpho which is a larf... even if it doesn't always mean to be. All that Byron, Coleridge, Shelley and even Emily Bronte whose pomes are fab.

Poor Sybil, there's something about, but she don't know what it is...! Labradors are dull. Sybil is much doggier.

I love the ocean too, something mysterious and wild about it... and a sky full of stars is diamonds for free.

pilli pilli said...

1. Count me in for the bird! I love it.

2. Then about the pasta-thing: I used to do that do (preferred spaghetti though...) but my Italian in the Kitchen is quite fierce in forbidding it. Raw pasta is a no-go in this country. (I drink Nescafè as revenge. Ha!)

3. And then the dog: He looks sweet to me... but then again maybe you're just a gifted fotographer.
If it's a solace: I have a whining kitty. Next time we'll get a labrador together!

4. And last: Yes indeed, I spend a lot of hours up sewing, but I prefer mornings to late nights. So it's up at 6 in my Italian kitchen ;)

Best wishes, thanks for stopping by at my blog and enjoy the weekend!
PilliPilli Handmade

Sandrine said...

Great favorite!Cool hat, love the colour.Do you still want me to work on something for you?You look like you are doing so well without me :)Enjoy your weekend :)

marelle said...

i love your li'l things...especially this one because it's a bird, and i love birds!

i'm also going to post about your giveaway today on my new blog "" along with my own giveaway - which also happens to be a bird!!


Jade said...

Have you heard? I thought it would be big news!!

Everybody's heard that the bird is the word...! (OK maybe less Family Guy watching and more sewing would be better?!)

Thanks for sharing. Must admit, have never tried the raw pasta thing...
Love the hat too! Very cute. I should really learn how to make something other than boys' PJs and bags... :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I share Pyrex, the beach, the dog (OK different dog but same situation) and romance. We have such simple but good tastes, yes? :)

Ali said...

Great hat Hayley - love the style!

M* (Melanie) said...

I used to love eating raw pasta as a kid! Admittedly I haven't eaten in say the past 30 years but I definitey know why you like it.

Pen said...

Ooh cute sparrowfellow brooch!
I love pyrex too - it's such a thrill finding it in op shops, etc. :)

renee anne said...

thank you so much!!!
the GORGEOUS brooch arrived today. I shall wear it proudly!!

Looks amazing in "real life" too!

Renee x

Christy said...

very cute sparrow brooch! would love to win that fer sure!

have a great day!

Bec said...

You know, when I was a kid and watching Sale of the Century, I was sure that they were saying "Carry O The Champion"....not carry over champion....just sayin'.
Raw pasta. YUCK!!!!!!!

Helen said...

I'm not certain how you found me ~ or why you found me ~ or even if it is you who found me, but I have received today the most precious little rabbit 'we must get ready' ever!!! All the way from Australia to Oregon in the USA. It was so much fun opening my little package ..... thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is a mystery ~ quite a sweet mystery.


Helen said...

... please forgive me. I once wrote a post about blogfog ~~ I fear it has crept up on me. I totally forgot about this gift coming from you .... two weeks and a horrific computer virus did a number on me!

Thank you again ... mystery solved!!

Katy said...

Just to let you know - i have a Labrador and she does the same thing :-)

Chrisy said...

Can identify with your list...cept for the dry pasta (maybe if i sprinkled with salt and paprika...ummm yes will give it a go)...and you do look cute in that hat!

Jesse said...

Raw pasta - yes! Though I tend to stick to spaghetti. Love the hat!

Jenaveve said...

My sister used to eat raw spaghetti and raw dough... *gag*

This brooch is incredibly cute and I'm crossing fingers, toes, everything in the hope I might be a winner.

And I love your response should said Mr. Darcy make such a request. Romance ain't dead.

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