Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday and Ain't Love Grand ... Letters and More

I know it's Wednesday, and I'm talking about Tuesday Love Letters ... but I had a love letter (4 letters actually) that I watched an old film with last night. Snapping the elastic on someones undies under a duvet on the couch just sh!ts all over staying at home alone and blogging ... SO

My love letter this week comes from Nippon and is just as quirky and cute as those funny little Japanese on TV ... not school girls undies in vending machines quirky but still quirks were had. So thank you 'rover san' i will ceremoniously count to ten for you in a voice that sounds like I'm freezing cold and constipated ... ich, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shici, haci, ku, ju (sorry my Japanese eludes me and I am 100% sure I spelt about 75% of those words incorrectly).

Now for something that is going to warm your cockles and may even induce a gag response in those who shy from things like 'love' and 'feelings' ... I keep my cockles in a safe place at all times, generally with my other shells, so they've never really been warmed.

One of my wonderful friends 'Butterball' is deeply, truly, madly, makes me sick sometimes in love with his doll 'Ladybug'.

These two love balls and bugs are currently living in different states, as her work has taken her to the south while he has to remain here and finish his PhD on saving the world.

In the next 2 months our Butterball is going to trap the Ladybug into a long term commitment he's calling engagement. Only problem is he's only seeing her twice in that period and it's way too obvious to pop the question on either of those occasions.

So over some wine and a plate of salmon myself and another crafty bastard devised a plan called "Help Butterball Marry Ladybug" ... in which we will raise money for him to fly down, surprise her and ask her for one of her six legs in marriage .... awwwwe

So to make sure these two fools get the chance to go 'beep, beeep, beep' (engaged signal) I am setting up a some tokens in my Etsy store you can buy to help fund this cockle warming exercise ... so you can donate a buck, or two ... or for ten of them you can donate and get a special souvenir edition brooch to celebrate the occasion ... like Di and Charles wedding plates but less valuable and with better looking people, who will have better looking offspring.

So if you're a sucker for love, the type who cries when Audrey stands in the rain yelling 'cat, cat' or cry when you think about Old Yella and oh, the injustice of it ... then head over to here and help these little heart candies on their way to matrimony (also I'm invited to the wedding which will be a corker! so it's in my best interests to hurry this along)



Anonymous said...

so cute - good luck with the devious plan...

Keith said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I decided to check your blog out. I really like it. Of course, my attention went directly to "school girls undies in vending machines." They really have that in Japan?

Unknown said...

That's lovely!

Bianca said...



the crumpet girls

Sam said...

*sigh* I think that is my dose of love for the year! Thank you!

Baybay Mama said...

Good luck with your plan.

Love the love letter.

Jade said...

Oh yay, I just read your comment on my blog! I'm very excited and promise to give him a good home filled with lots of wearing and lots of plugging your shop to anyone who listens :)


Anonymous said...

my eyes and throat feel scratchy from the prawns.
Trying to think of ways to annoy you from here.
Dee vie ous
you got me down for 50 right?
I be around for my sou va neer in a number of days

Unknown said...

I am hoping that annon comment was Ollie ??

Unknown said...

Great idea, I'm in!


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Now that, is a truly fabulous idea.

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