Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Popular Penguins You Want My Penguin or Pinguin?

First and foremost who won the heart ?? Amy you will be sealing your fate with a heart shaped brooch ... look out for the post person. See her stuff here ...

This week to celebrate the next 50 Popular Penguin books I'm giving away a wild little flightless bird ... all you need to do is leave me a comment.

Win this Penguin !!!

I have only just started saying the word 'penguin' correctly, I coped a lot of shit for a long time over my pinguin pronunciation. It just sounds cuter. But if I am allowed to bitch slap people who say 'what do you pacifically need?' I have no right to be bandying my pinguin pronunciation about.

Now if you are in Bris Vegas this weekend and need a craft, art, coolness fix then you are in luck. The BrisStyle Indie markets are on Saturday 4th ...

Then myself and some more talented Brisbane ladies will be at the Young Designers Market on Sunday 5th. Come down say hi ... If you mention this blog I will give you a free heart with any purchase ...

no shit ...

For a chance to win some really cool gear from other BrisStyle gals check out the BrisStyle blog ... here

So anyway ... get out and buy a Popular Penguin ... They are so cool with their simple covers and wondrous stories inside. I am up for And the Ass Saw the Angel by my little rock God, Mr Cave, then for the main meal I'll be One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and for dessert I'll be sinking my pulp fiction teeth in Dracula.

some little penguins from www.weheartit.com

xxx happy pengiun

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's My Fate? Who Knows, but it smells like Hotdogs

The bird that smiled last week will be off this week to Life According to Celia ... this week I have another heart to give away. If you break it, it's your own fault, but please don't give it back to me in a completely fractured state. Something I can fix with a wad of chewing gum and some sticky tape would be optimal. This week the heart that suffered the same fate as ?? Is up for grabs ...

to win this just leave me a comment

In a hostel in Ulaan Baata I was kitted out in my riding gear, dirty jeans, a jacket and my black leather riding boots. A terribly good looking English blue blood type was standing in the hallway with his collar poking out from his woolen sweater. I wondered why he was here with all these grots in this funny old country. He came over and looked down at me over his long nose with his horsey good looks and said "nice boots, are you a rider?" ... having heard 'writer' and thinking myself of a bit of a word dabbler, I looked back up at him surprised and said "thank you ... yes" ... turned around and walked off, realisation came running behind me waving a
little note that said "hey dick head he said 'rider'".

Miniature gers ... a photo I've altered with the very cool 'Tilt Shift Maker' that i found out about on Sophism Press ... see more and make your own here ...

This rider says goodnight ...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks.

Welcome to one hundred.

This post is dedicated to Edward, who died suddenly yesterday. Edward was a funny little guy who loved life, food and running up the hill beside the motorbike. Eddie as he was more affectionately known was my grandpa's dog. Unfortunately there was an incident with a car. Evidently dog lucked out.

I would have put some pics up here of his favourite things, but i could not find any pictures of rolling in a fresh, steaming pile of cow poo, removing the stuffing from cushions or staring at the back of the washing machine for two solid hours for a rat you suspect may be hiding behind there.

So instead I have Brisbane styled stuff that you can get a hold of at the upcoming BrisStyle Indie Designers Market.

Seriously can you be any cuter? from Pedrosprout

Nosovich, a newbie to BrisStyle ...

Write this down ... Jellygnite ... retro handmade notebook

Zingy lime ... felt earrings by strat designs

and lastly ... my little birdie is up for grabs this week ... win it by leaving a comment on the post below.

xxxx ... xxxx

RIP Edward

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

99 Posts, Sunshine, lollipops and Holidays on the Hill

One more post and I've hit the hundred mark, who would've thought you could publish one hundred posts about tea, brooches, general nonsense and a bit more crap? On the weekend I found out that I'm pretty crappy at squash and driving a manual car ... I am however good at making brooches and regularly blogging. I shall put that on my resume. And continue blogging and brooch making ...

So the winner of the 'Giants Plate' heart is ... Darjeeling Dreams ! ever so pretty.

Pic from www.weheartit.com

This week it's a birdie ... to win just leave me a comment on this post

WIN me ...

Next week I am off to the Far North to see my favorite person, my Poppy. He's the coolest old dude I know. He's smart, he's a skeptic, he's lived through a war in a POW camp, he likes tractors and wine with dinner, and he taught me 'pull my finger' at the age of 5. He is the most wonderful, wonderful person I know.

Here are some Finnish inspired Etsy finds ... the pull my finger master hails from Finland

Herring ... pickled herring yum from Syko ...

Elk in the woods, from Karuski ...

Finnish bird out my window ... from Finnfactor ...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, Lazy Days, Brooches Galore and Your Butterball update

A quick post to say congratulations to Butterball and Ladybug ... she said Yes!! Thank you to all who purchased a heart that helped fund the little dag to fly to Melbourne and pop the question. Can't wait for the wedding !!

Also if you comment on the post blow before Thursday you can win this heart ... knock yourself out ...

WIN ME ... see the post below ...

Here are a few little creations that I've been making the last few weeks ... I trialed them at the Young Designers Market and they went really well ... so more are on the production line for the BrisStyle Market July 4th, the next YDM July 5th and a new market I'll be attending is the Portside Boutique Market Sunday July 12th. If you are in town please do pop in and say hello :).

little duck ...

little fawn ...

tiny little rabbit ...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IKEA Rage and a Touch of the Old Pitter Patter

First and foremost the 'Everyone Confessed' heart brooch is off to Beach Vintage ... please wear this heart on your sleeve. This week it's another little pitter patter, ticker. It's the Giants Plate brooch and to win it all you need to do is leave a comment. Win it, tell me something nice ...

Win this ...

I was at the Young Designers Market on Sunday, it went swell ... I will be back next month. You will find me and my brooches there along with a few other BrisStyle ladies such as Hot Toffee who will also be at the Boutique market this weekend at Portside ... go check it out

Juicy Apples from Hot Toffee ... Yum

I had an IKEA day on Monday, we celebrated Lizzie's B-day at the giant blue and yellow Swedish mega mart for flat packs and furniture instructions that are just seriously fucked up. IKEA is the relationship litmus test, if you can assemble the Billy Bookcase together, use all the screws, and have none left over and still be talking to each other once it's against the wall filled with your vintage penguins ... you guys are gonna make it.

My IKEA home boy followed the arrows, pushed past large families milling about the kitchen displays, and made it to the end without popping any veins or kicking anyone in the back of the head. IKEA rage is not a one off thing ... Some guy called Farah did a whole PhD on IKEA flight or fight patterns.

"If you want to find your way out of Ikea, look behind you. Kazim found that our forward-facing vision is the key to why we all follow the windy route through the showroom. There are plenty of short cuts to allow you out, but they are always cleverly located behind you - in the direction opposite from the arrows that lead you through the showroom floor. As a result, you just don't notice them."

An New Scientist article "Locating locating locating" was about how people look for things (Lévy flight patterns rather than Brownian motion, apparently - very short steps interspersed with very long steps rather than medium length steps, which is it seems how our ancestors hunted). But it also mentioned "IKEA rage" and why shops that force you along a prescribed route can be so maddening, time-consuming and exhausting... yet also tend to result in splurge impulse buying, a reward or treat to yourself for getting there! It must be that shops like IKEA get enough benefit from the impulse buys that they are happy to deliberately frustrate their customers.

I wrote some prose for the IKEA hunter gatherer in us all ... but mostly just for the Venetian who has vowed never to return, no matter how slick that Scandinavian designed footstool may be.

IKEA it’s not even an acronym
It sounds nice if you’re Swedish
With your lyrical accent
But to me and you it’s sounds like simmering kidneys and snotty nosed kids
Arrows on the floor wind you past the bedrooms
The bathrooms, the kitchen tops and neat workspaces
Everything is sleek and slick and flat packed in China
Designed of course by Bjorn
Made by Mr Wong
For a penny less than you should have paid him
With instructions that resemble naive art
It’s minimalistic, and they allen key is free
But you’ll need to buy your own screws and a driver to screw them with
I feel screwed over
Fill me up with meatballs and Lingon sylt
And maybe I’ll forgive you
As long as we can get out of here, flight or fight
We try the Levy flight pattern
But revert back to Brownian motion out of necessity
And like bovines with a new set of wine glasses we get into the lift.


Some beautiful things that don't come home on roof racks in a cardboard box ...

from We Heart It

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She told him she Loved Him, and then Everyone Confessed they Had Know this All Along ...

My little pixie friend bunny from last week is off to California for some oranges and some sun ... Late Afternoon is the lucky new owner see her here ...

This week if you wanna ... be still my beating heart ... just leave a comment and this heart brooch can be yours ... complete with unicorn horn and a peeking fox. 

Win it 

This Sunday from 10am until 4pm I will be at the Young Designers market at Southbank.  There will be a bevy of other BrisStyle ladies there selling things from vintage button earrings to felt necklaces ... if you're lucky enough to live in the sub tropical climes of Bris Vegas then get yourself along for a look ... 

Support local and handmade xx

Lastly in praise of the heart that wonderful organ that beats and beats and sometimes breaks, the heart.  Mine has been taken, but these are all up for grabs on Etsy and all under ten bucks ...  xxx tell me something nice.

love me birdie ... from Zephyr Woods.

Evalicious and her embellished hearts ... here ...

cute little ceramics here ... from Spittin Toad

and lastly these are not hearts ... but I heart everything in this shop !!

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