Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sew, Snow and a new Site to tickle your Fancy

My next market is this weekend ... I am about to embark on a 5 day brooch binge and lacquer myself silly in preparation for Sunday. Also I am sending some gear down to Melb to site in a incube8r cube. I checked out the shop on my trip down to the South and the slopes. It's such a funky little joint! You can check out their blog here www.incube8r.blogspot.com.

I will also be sewing my ass off to get more softies made and I am having a stab at mixed media cards ... using romance novels and children's books to make little gift cards ... come down and see me if you're in Brisbane this weekend.

Bunny in the Headlights ...

The wonderful clever chooks over at the BrisStyle marketing team have whipped up a new website ... it's brilliant, it lists all the BrisStyle gals and features interesting things ... Another interesting thing is that I can move my little toe independently of the others. See the site here at www.Bris-Style.com ...

Dita ... whipping it up form www.weheartit.com

And lastly some snow ... ah holidays, they are certainly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

OMG snow ... got a bit squealy in the car about now

bunny slopes ... for munted ski bunnies like me

and don't forget if you want to win a brooch comment on the post below ...


Mystica said...

I'm the first to comment so I hope this is my lucky day! I have seen your brooches and think they are gorgeous! the penguin was beautiful.


pilli pilli said...

How odd to see snow, as around here it's about 40°C!!!

Enjoy your freshness, as I'll enjoy my heat! + Good luck getting crafted up for that market!

Best Wishes,

Sandrine said...

Congratulation on your new stockist!Happy market and wish great success to bunny in the head light ;) Thanks so much for showing some SNOW...slopes...hmmm;)

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