Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sexy, Sultry and it's Sunday with ice

Try Vignette Press on for style. The Death Mook and the Sex Mook are cool little publications you can buy and help support a small publishing house, giving hungry writers a go.

This almost Spring weather is good for lying in bed in an uber daggy outfit of Reg Grundies and a singlet with a really good book and a great big cup of tea.

and maybe the dog if you're in a good mood

anything but Harry Potter ...

and if you want this bunny ... leave a comment on the post below

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Felt Badly ... he said Sadly

'Felt Badly ... he sad Sadly' is the theme for this weeks brooch giveaway. A little green hopper that'll look fan freaking tastic on your spring blouse (or Autumn if you live in the upside-down part of the world, who says the southern hemisphere has to be the 'under' side). So all you have to do is leave a comment. If you make it about bunnies I'll give you two entries. OK, the winner of last weeks bunny was Kylie ...

Win me ...

If you have a snotty blower then you might want to pop on over to Meet Me at Mikes for their hanky giveaway ...

Remember when your mum used to hold a 'snot rag' to your nose and say 'blow, harder ... bloody hell again' and you'd stand there with your dead arms and just blow your little heart out. Far out, it's just gross being a kid.

For something far less gruesome check out the Nook opening if you are Brisbane this weekend ... fun, fun, fun.

I got me one of these this week ... it's a Keep Cup. I am on secondment in a communications job, loving it and also drink far more coffee than I ever have. So instead of chucking the cup each time I 'keep cup' it.

Speaking of new job, this is our latest big thing ... so if you are on a winning tangent enter this ... Best holiday in the World for you and three mates.

Lastly I got tickets to see Faith No More and Jane's Addiction and others at the Soundwave festival next year in Feb. Hold your nose and sing 'Back and forth I sway with that wind ...' etc. Yeah ...

Thank you and goodnight

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Elephant in a porcelain store, me amore

I got this little gem from 'Poems Aplenty', wow the utter rot you can publish on the world wide web is boundless.

(image from

Elephant in a porcelain store
Fun, new experience or a tragedy?

You can make any choices you want...
...including locking the door
or making a 'no elephants' policy

Elephant in a porcelain store
You can make any choices you want...

But would they have changed the result?
I still should consider buying a lock
In case I will hear an elephant's door-nock...

Wow deep. For more trite click here, for poems on abuse, death, depression, hate and more chirpy rhyming couplets. This post is elephant inspired as a lovely blog follower is keen to get her hands on a brooch that never forgets ... So i have been making some little trunkers and here is the result. If any of these take your fancy let me know and I'll mail him out to you (elephant devotee blogger Bev). This morning must have been the most beautiful morning of the whole year, I love spring, but unfortunately that means summer is nearly here ... Brisbane summers are worse than having a prickle in your undies in a supermarket queue.

Lastly don't forget to comment on the post below to win a bunny brooch,

and check out this blog to win the super hot bag ...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Put A Little Somthing in Our Lemonade ...

The Golden Lab is off to Romania ... this week I have a bunny to Giveaway. Same gig, comment here and you can win this one off little thumper.

win me ...

My bus ride home was a pod inside a little pod. I was listening to The National, who are currently one my most played list, even more so than Fab and the crew over at The Strokes. This funny looking kid with curly mop hair was talking to himself, just standing there hanging onto the handle in the aisle, chirping away to himself. Then I saw the blue glow on his ear. Why is it that the simple act of holding a phone to ones ear just seems so much more normal when talking to a body that's not physically there. Even when I realised he was bluetoothing, he still still looked a little whack.

from we heart it

good noight ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finders Keepers ... find me there

Today I found out I got accepted to the Finders Keepers Market ... Woot. The two day market is on October 31 and November 1 at the RNA showgrounds Brisbane. It'll be huge, can't wait. Will have to get busy cutting and varnishing.

Some great stuff on Etsy tonight ... fox theme is just due to the first pic being so cool

Arctic fox ... from Pilli Pilli

Foxy Russian nesting dolls here

one of my foxies


Monday, August 17, 2009

Want, don't need ... Can I have one?

Firstly if you want a puppy brooch ... leave a comment on the blog below ... anything you like, write me a limerick or your shopping list.

Win me ... win me ... wine with cheese me

stuff that I like more than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

boys that play drums (

my friend Flicka

michael zavros

deers and cupcakes (

sunshine on my window and floral dresses (Chrissie White)

good knight ...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Give me Another and Make it a Strong One, It's Thursday Afterall

The Spawning heart will beat it's way over to Little Chrissy ... A fellow BrisStyler and art crafter. See some of her Etsy stash here ...

This week I have a dog to giveaway ..a cute yeller one. Like Old Yeller, my god I cried in that book, then the TV movie. Poor old dog. This dog is not rabid, but instead just very cool and you can win it just by leaving a comment ...

WIN ME ... just leave a comment

In more exciting FREE STUFF news, head on over to the Bris Style Blog for more giveaways. Ooh la la, there is some great stuff being given away.

That was rough.... Thing to do now is try and forget it.... I guess I don't quite mean that. It's not a thing you can forget. Maybe not even a thing you want to forget.... Life's like that sometimes... Now and then for no good reason a man can figure out, life will just haul off and knock him flat, slam him agin' the ground so hard it seems like all his insides is busted. But it's not all like that. A lot of it's mighty fine, and you can't afford to waste the good part frettin' about the bad. That makes it all bad.... Sure, I know - sayin' it's one thing and feelin' it's another. But I'll tell you a trick that's sometimes a big help. When you start lookin' around for something good to take the place of the bad, as a general rule you can find it. - Old Yeller


cool Brisbane stuff from Etsy

enjoy ... and last minute edit ... go check out the Petal Plum blog, she is giving away a beautiful purse, hand dyed fabric from red seed studio!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, so Sunday I'll still Love You tomorrow Even if it's Monday

The weather at the moment in this part of the world is too good not to be outside. So the dog who has become a little rotund over winter benefited from the need to be outside in the sunshine. Lucky dog. I have been making brooches, rings and pendants for the cube I have rented at incube8r in Melbourne.

If you're down that way check out the shop it's a brilliant little place for gifts. All handmade by Australian designers. I have also put more stuff up on Etsy ... finally

Here's a sqizz

and I just found this local gal on Etsy ...
See her shop here ...

and don't forget you've got until Thursday this week to leave a comment on the post below and win this little heart brooch xoxoxox

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We let this Dickhead join the Band as he's Good with tennis balls in sheer silk stockings ...

At the entrance to the train station this afternoon a three piece band were busking. One guy blew poorly on a Melodica, his cuter counterpart was playing quite well on a guitar and their friend who stood facing away from passers by stepping from side to side with a stocking that had a tennis ball at the bottom hanging from his wrists. I'm all for performance art and self expression, but this guy was really bring the band down.

This week the very talented Anna Maria Art has won the bird ... check out some of her cool stuff on Etsy. This week it's another heart, as I'm feeling all warm and gooey inside. To win simply leave a comment on this post ...

Win me

A pretty birdie in my house by Anna Maria Art

The next best thing since sliced fingers ... the website has a beautiful music loop too ...

and lastly this one's for Mr Eggs Benedict x

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