Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fruits of my labour in the Dusty Spring Time

First if you want to win this little bird leave a 'greenie' comment here or on the post below.

It's still hot and dusty here in the Vegas, and it's the best weather for fruit eating. I went to the West End markets this morning for a chai, some fruit and a good gander.

The operation love roll is still rolling along, with the hearts at stage 3 of the lacquer process. I have also made some really cute little envelopes to pop them in when I hand them out to the sushi goers.

So stay tuned for more gripes about dust and to see how the love rollers receive their little samples. Have a lovely dusty, springy weekend to all those on the East Coast ...

x o x

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Greenies, not the booger kind the tree hugging Kind

So you wanna win a brooch? Well just leave me a comment about what you do to help the polar bears from melting and the bath tub level rising and washing away all the South Pacific islands. I will pick a random winner next week.

Win me ...

This week the lucky winner of any 'custom' brooch is Myrtle and Eunice ... a very clever duck from the trendy haunt that is Melbourne.

This post is dedicated to all things eco and green ... read this book, it's a good laugh and has a few smelly tree hugging hippies in it ...

old buttons ... made new again for your ears! here at Ruby to Go Go

Lamp and Motor is up cycling vintage scarfs etc to get you bagging

Apple Isle ... upcycled moleskin get it here from Jellygnite

good luck and don't forget to tell me all about your greenie things

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Operation Love Roll ... In the Wings

I have been cutting out little hearts like they are going out of fashion. I have Where's Wally ones, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ones, Pocahontas ones and many more. The plan is do do a 'love drop'.

What is a love drop you ask? It's a simple little marketing get up I thought of while standing like a doofus in the Love Roll sushi line in town. The sushi joint is highly trendy and makes good, cheap sushi, so at lunch time each weekday there is a really, stupidly long line-up.

It's a captive audience. All these hungry city workers standing there waiting for some seaweed and a prawn roll. So ... I will package up about 30 of my little hearts and drop them down the line of starving suits.

Then they'll all fall in love with my product and go out and clean out my Etsy store and I'll buy a pony named Alfred with the proceeds.

Clever huh,

Stay tuned as I aim to take some pics of me dropping the love soon ...

And if you want to win a totally rockin brooch of your choice, comment on the post below ...

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'ma let choo finish, but this has gotta be one of the Best Blog Posts of all time

This is why you should day no to drugs kids. However it's knobs like this that make YouTube and the Internet a much more entertaining place.

I found an egg shell on the way home today, I'm not sure why I felt compelled to pick it up, but I did. I think it might be a Willy Wagtail egg, as they seem to be pretty vocal of late. According to the Illustrated Book of Australian Birds they sing at night in the spring.

Leave a comment here or on the post below and you can win a brooch of your choice (any animal shape that you want ... in my range). Here are a few examples to get you interested.

... have a lovely weekend

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heart me, I heart Lamb Chops and the Smell of Rain

Really, the light at about 5.30 in spring in Brisbane is beautiful, as is the weather. I was on the bus, almost home with this great little song in my earphones and a skinny guy in a suit flew down the road in front of the stopped bus with 'no hands'. It was pretty cool, to see this skinny, lanky dude in cool duds just whizz by with his arms hanging loosely by his side.

It's hard to find a pic to depict this, so here is some photos from that come close.

Now to the custom brooch winner which is Miss Muggins, woot ... I think she wants a heart, if so what type of heart would she like? This week I have another custom brooch to give away ... as i can't be bothered taking a pic of the brooches I have here in the giveaway box. So leave a comment to win any custom shaped brooch you want !! See examples here

Did you read about Marcus the sheep? If not update yourself here. OK so 'celebrity activists' have gone ape shit because the kids at a school voted to slaughter the sheep (aka Marcus) they had raised from a lamb. What the feck? Is it not a good thing for kids to learn that lamb chops come from a real, live, bleating little lamb and NOT from a vacuum sealed packet at Woolworths.

I'm not a vegetarian, but try to be an 'ethical eater'. I'm no saint, I'm sure I eat things that ethically I shouldn't, but I'd rather do a little bit here and there than nothing at all. If good if more people thought that the extra $2 is worth a chicken's comfort and right to a dust bath and stretch it's wings. Why are people still buying cage eggs? Like Kamahl said 'why are people so unkind' (you have to do that with the accent or it's not as effective).

Good night

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Sh!t Fight and Where's My Broom

I am a messy person. Unfortunately there is no natural remedy for this affliction. I have good intentions and plan to clean, put my clothes from my floordrobe into the wardrobe, yet they never see the light of day. I pause to think a lot, often with a cup of tea and something that makes more mess. This morning I moved my little trail of paper bits and glue outside. Sybil has been helping me with the brooch making, by sitting next to me and eating my toast crust.

Also my plan to train a crack team of flying monkeys to search op-shops for children's books to cut up into shapes, needs not be implemented as I have found that more and more people are 'thinking of me' when they see a Little Golden Book these days. Thank you all the cool peeps who are upcycling these little dogeared treasures.

Tomorrow I will be at the Boutique Market at Portside. It's from 8am until just after lunch (1pm) so if you're in town please come down and say hi ... there are over 55 retailers there all selling beautiful handmade things from jewellery to clothes to food etc.

Don't forget if to post a comment below to win a custom made brooch.

mess courtesy of

x x x

Monday, September 7, 2009

There is a rat in my roof putting down his memoirs

It's about 4am that my little friend ratty pulls his Remington out and starts to type away. Rat-ta-tat-tat ... rat-tat-tat-a-tat-tap-tap ... and so on and so forth.

I am not sure what a rat has so much to type about but he's persistent. I am not partial to the old rat-sak, as trying to be an ethical eater I really can't go letting him bleed form the inside-out with a slow thirsty death.

So I am looking to send him on a writers camp. Hopefully far, far away from my roof. If anyone knows of a good place where gifted rats can let their purple prose flow freely please let me know.

The markets on Sunday went well, I was next to the sparkle of glass Hot Toffee and her partner in accessory crime. Couldn't help myself and I bought a little pair of 'second' glass earrings for a gift. Even her 'dud' stuff is great. Check out her Etsy shop or if you're in town come along to the Boutique Markets this Sunday.

I also scored me a fantastic deer brooch. A guy I met at the July markets was selling t-shirts with deer on them ... loved them so I got one for a 'deer' friend of mine. He remembered that I am a deer freak, so he gave me one of the new wooden brooches he's making! Unfortunately I can't remember their label name it may be 'tru love' ... if anyone knows let me know.

And I also bought this button necklace for the meagre price of $20 ... it's so pretty ... again I can't remember the label name of the girl who was selling them ... oops. And this pic does not do it justice.

If you have gotten this far in the post you are a good listener so you deserve the right to win a custom brooch ... no shit. Leave me a comment, any comment on what shape brooch you want if you win ... be it a cat, bunny, heart, rude words, sweet word, no words. Check out my etsy shop for ideas of what shape you'd like or look back though older posts.

You have a week to get you quick witted quip in ... good luck and good night.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Market me on Sabath Sunday

The bunny is off to the Rabbit and the Duck ... now she just needs a duck. This is a short post due to 'busy beyond belief'. If you are in Brisbane come and say hi this Sunday at the Southbank Young Designers Market.

Hearts, cats and more ... come see my loot.

xox ... happy weekend

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