Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heart me, I heart Lamb Chops and the Smell of Rain

Really, the light at about 5.30 in spring in Brisbane is beautiful, as is the weather. I was on the bus, almost home with this great little song in my earphones and a skinny guy in a suit flew down the road in front of the stopped bus with 'no hands'. It was pretty cool, to see this skinny, lanky dude in cool duds just whizz by with his arms hanging loosely by his side.

It's hard to find a pic to depict this, so here is some photos from that come close.

Now to the custom brooch winner which is Miss Muggins, woot ... I think she wants a heart, if so what type of heart would she like? This week I have another custom brooch to give away ... as i can't be bothered taking a pic of the brooches I have here in the giveaway box. So leave a comment to win any custom shaped brooch you want !! See examples here

Did you read about Marcus the sheep? If not update yourself here. OK so 'celebrity activists' have gone ape shit because the kids at a school voted to slaughter the sheep (aka Marcus) they had raised from a lamb. What the feck? Is it not a good thing for kids to learn that lamb chops come from a real, live, bleating little lamb and NOT from a vacuum sealed packet at Woolworths.

I'm not a vegetarian, but try to be an 'ethical eater'. I'm no saint, I'm sure I eat things that ethically I shouldn't, but I'd rather do a little bit here and there than nothing at all. If good if more people thought that the extra $2 is worth a chicken's comfort and right to a dust bath and stretch it's wings. Why are people still buying cage eggs? Like Kamahl said 'why are people so unkind' (you have to do that with the accent or it's not as effective).

Good night


Tania said...

You know I just realised - I have let myself get OLD. When was the last time I did that on my bike? I now intend to do this on the weekend. If I fall on my head, I'll be slightly blaming you for putting ideas up there. (but your Plate Goose Brooch would make up for everything!)...

PS. I said it with the accent before you even said to say it with the accent. It's a Kamahl impulse thing.

amy said...

wow, i completely agree with you. i'm not vego either (though i tried really hard for a couple of months) but i think even if you aren't gonna give up meat/dairy etc. that it's important to KNOW your food. being aware is as important as being vego/vegan/what evs. it's awesome that those little dudes know where their vac packed meat comes from, it's too easy to just be brought up eating out of little clingwrapped packs and never actually think about the impact of it. so yeah, go you... i may have gotten carried away with the epic comment thing but that issue just really gets to me. good to see you feel the same :)

Unknown said...

i love watching muppet movies when they ride bikes! and they're not puppets at all but robots or people in suits

chloeraub said...

hmm, been thinking 'bout the animals lately - i do think trying to teach kids is a good thing, you should know where your food is from rather than opt for ignorant consumption. but i also understand once you start seeing all living things as having equal value (i'm not a buddhist, i just really got into that principle) then killing anything feels wrong. like i use to not eat meat unless my friend caught a fish/shot a deer, but now i can't do it - i just feel too bad thinking that a living thing died for me. but some animal activists are just wacko, PETA went crazy on Obama for swatting a fly in an interview. um, hello, he eats meat! why the anger over the fly, suddenly?

red bamboo said...

Isn't it great when you are inspired by people just doing what they do? That guy has NO IDEA that he has triggered off a whole blogging opus just by riding his bike past a bus!
And regarding Marcus - I grew up in country QLD and saw a lot of my 'dinners' go from cute and fluffy to dinner plate! I am much more aware of what I buy as a result.
I'm going to be very self indulgent here and say I'd love a Bunny shaped brooch if I win the giveaway!! Thanx!!

Jetta's Nest said...

I agree with you totally. I take the fact that I eat and feed my family flesh pretty seriously and look forward to being able to grow our own meat someday.

Why are people so unkind.....why indeed??


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