Friday, September 18, 2009

I'ma let choo finish, but this has gotta be one of the Best Blog Posts of all time

This is why you should day no to drugs kids. However it's knobs like this that make YouTube and the Internet a much more entertaining place.

I found an egg shell on the way home today, I'm not sure why I felt compelled to pick it up, but I did. I think it might be a Willy Wagtail egg, as they seem to be pretty vocal of late. According to the Illustrated Book of Australian Birds they sing at night in the spring.

Leave a comment here or on the post below and you can win a brooch of your choice (any animal shape that you want ... in my range). Here are a few examples to get you interested.

... have a lovely weekend


PJS said...

Love your little bird egg. I absolutely love the birds in australia (well in fact all the wildlife minus the dodgy ones eg crocs, sharks etc) I keep parrots here in chilly europe, so it was surreal the first time I went to visit my in laws and there were wild parrots flying around in the city!

T.Allen said...

Hehehe, Oh Kanye...I've been laughing at him and near crying for him a few times this week!

I really love your work, the deer is my fave.

Christina Lowry said...

Gorgeous little egg shell. I used to pick them up too, but no where we live I don't see any.


Nat said...

Ah yes, those little Willy Wagtales, I've got a breeding pair near mine. Those adorable little things KEPT ME AWAKE LAST NIGHT! (-_-)
They are too cute though, so I'll let them get away with it. ;)
P.S LOVE the Kanye West interrupting Obama post, had a good laugh.

.girl ferment. said...

hopefully your little wagtails flourish.

wagtails are actualy quite dominant birds, they can be quite agressive when protecting their nest. quite cute having a pappa wagtail flying at you in haste to keep you away from his precious family.

love the fallen foal who has butterflies

Ali said...

lovely bird shell Hayley; I love listening to the Willie Wag Tails at night - we have a few little friends who dance around the front yard and sit on our letterbox.

Martta said...

um, they are all cute, but what can i say i'm quite partial to dogs.

it's funny moving to a different continent
all the birds songs are new
it's kind of nice and sad at the same time
but more on the nice side

should have a look at the bird book

Little Mary Moo said...

The little egg is so sweet. Very hard just to walk by and leave.

charlotte lucy said...

oh my goodness I'm completely in love with your work! *clicks follow* do you mail internationally?!


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