Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mmmmmmm (man) in Black and on Idiot Box

Two more sleeps until the Finders Keepers. Some of the artist that will be there are so clever, for example, the amazingly talented Courtney Brims who creates the most amazing illustrations.

Edward and Lilly whose embroidery will make your Nana look like a novice ...

And Chi Designs who makes the most delightful little coin purses and bags ...

Some more blog love ... I am featured in the Inside Out magazine blog ... very special. You can read the post here.

And the most exciting thing that has happened today is that I am being interviewed by Sunday Arts for the ABC. What to wear, how to do my hair? And if it's aired this Sunday I will be on the same show as Mr Sex on Legs himself Tex Perkins. Goodness me, what a week.

x see you at the Finders Keepers x

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Millions Outraged ... Ibis stalking totes

According to the news headline I read today on millions of people have demanded to 'Change Facebook Back to Normal', they have even created a group. Far out, who would have thought a million people could give a shit? Change is the only constant people. Imaging if they'd formed a group when Edison flicked the switch, 'change light bulbs back to whale fat lamps'. People are idiots, especially in large groups.

Some vandalised vintage from Trixie Delicious

So now that you know you're all a bunch of God damned idiots, here is some nicety for you on a Tuesday eve. You can go an vote for the BrisStyle limited edition tote. I am biased, but this is my blog and I can be biased here ... I love number four. The gruesome creature that is the Ibis. The bird adorns the walled realms of Pharaohs and also haunts the bins in a city square near you. Funny looking, bald, smelly, goofy legged birds. They sort of repulse me, but they are very iconic to Brisbane, Bris Vegas, BrIsrael, Brisghanistan, Bristoipa etc.

And last but not least ... remember if you're in town to drop in to the Finders Keepers market this weekend at the Old Museum at the RNA.

Last but not least ... if you make a donation of 5 or more dollars to this team (I am doing the MS Moonlight walk to help find a cure) and leave your name something heart eg 'Cherri Heart' I will send you a free brooch heart. Thanks x Just email me or post a blog comment letting me know you've donated. I am also looking for a kidney is anyone has one they aren't using ...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Friend Flicka and Old Yella comes flooding back to me

I'm having a little rest session, as I have shaken baby syndrome from rattling around on the back of a bike all day in 30 degree heat. I went looking at houses (not for me) and I scored a car. I don't drive but I soon will in my new (old) free car*. Sweet.

*Actual car is not this funky, and I won't be driving it in a Hitchcockesque outfit such as this ... from

My Friend Flika is on in the living room while I try to recoup with tea, a bex and a good lie down, and I'm sitting here fucking balling my eyes out. They didn't even shoot the goddamn horse and I'm crying. I also just watched Cyclo. Holy crap if you are up for a feel good flick, then this is your Vietnamese film of choice. There is pain, death, destitution, murder and a general sense of hopelessness. The cinematography is beautiful however, and it's definitely worth a look.

A photo I took out my window in Ha Long Bay

Anyway, less about dying horses and sad movies and more about me. If you leave a comment on this post or the post below you can win a random heart brooch and a set of vintage book gift tags.

Win me !!! (or one like me anyway)

New stuff up at my Etsy store also ...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nearly on Holiday and getting all sentimental

The winner of last weeks gift tag giveaway is Sandrine a fellow BrisStyler ... her gift tags will be in the mail very soon. This week I have more little gift tags and a heart, just leave a comment and I'll randomly pick a winner (not my nose).

Next week is my last week at work before I take some leave. Yay. I have the Finders Keepers on, taking some time to chillax with my mum and then I'm buggering off to Asia for a good dose of explosive diarrhea and cheap beer on the beach.

I am also looking back fondly on my last big holiday which was now just over a year ago. It was a such a great holiday with two of my closest friends. It was epic, I will never have another trip like that again.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nut Jobs and Genetics

The Finders Keepers Market is getting closer and closer, and I have been cutting out little bunnies, birds, foxes etc. like they are going out of fashion. They better bloody not go out of fashion.

I am the featured 'Finder Keeper' on their website this week ... read all about it here. Almost all the comments have come from my crazy ass gene pool however.

Thanks to all those wonderful peeps who read my blog and buy my loot, you are all fantastic. Leave a comment here or on the post below to win some cute gift tags.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grand Plans, Market Days and Dusty Hounds

Nosovich will be carding her Christmas gift with some vintage book ephemera, she has won 10 of the little gift tags this week. Check out her blog here and her wonderful etsy store here. Her bags are fantastic and she is a local Brisrael girl. I'm very partial to the pink pink purse.

As it's getting closer to the time of year they play Bing Freaking Cosby in the supermarket and every time I walk into a festive, tinsel coated store I want to give myself a lobotomy. So I figure gift tags are a pretty good little item to be giving away. This week I have ten more in store for you. Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner at random.

It's getting closer to the Finders Keepers, I am very busy trying to make enough stock and also keep my retailers stocked ... If anyone has any small children they are happy for me to exploit with hard labour and long work hours give me a bell.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tag ... You're it

Little Mary Moo will have the opportunity to remember all the tools she let into her heart over the years with this little brooch she won! Keep reading and comment for this weeks giveaway.

My brother was here last week and I got to spend some time with him and his girlfriend before they bugger off back to Finland for work and long dark winters. He was a top sort and cooked us dinner the night before he left. A beautiful Coral Trout he speared at Batt Reef was served up with cous cous, mango salsa and oops, two bottles of wine.

This week you can retweet me or comment on this post and win ten of these rad little handmade gift tags ... they are made from old kids books with random, hilarious comments. Give one to your easily offended mother-in-law just to piss her off, or give it to a boring old fart with no sense of humour who will look at it, look at you and then blink and look blank. They are not all rude, so I will mix and match ...

And lastly these are the ever so cute 100% recycled business cards I got from Moo, scanned pages from vintage kids books. They turned out brilliantly, almost too good to give away!

enjoy the weekend x
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