Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Millions Outraged ... Ibis stalking totes

According to the news headline I read today on news.com millions of people have demanded to 'Change Facebook Back to Normal', they have even created a group. Far out, who would have thought a million people could give a shit? Change is the only constant people. Imaging if they'd formed a group when Edison flicked the switch, 'change light bulbs back to whale fat lamps'. People are idiots, especially in large groups.

Some vandalised vintage from Trixie Delicious

So now that you know you're all a bunch of God damned idiots, here is some nicety for you on a Tuesday eve. You can go an vote for the BrisStyle limited edition tote. I am biased, but this is my blog and I can be biased here ... I love number four. The gruesome creature that is the Ibis. The bird adorns the walled realms of Pharaohs and also haunts the bins in a city square near you. Funny looking, bald, smelly, goofy legged birds. They sort of repulse me, but they are very iconic to Brisbane, Bris Vegas, BrIsrael, Brisghanistan, Bristoipa etc.

And last but not least ... remember if you're in town to drop in to the Finders Keepers market this weekend at the Old Museum at the RNA.

Last but not least ... if you make a donation of 5 or more dollars to this team (I am doing the MS Moonlight walk to help find a cure) and leave your name something heart eg 'Cherri Heart' I will send you a free brooch heart. Thanks x Just email me or post a blog comment letting me know you've donated. I am also looking for a kidney is anyone has one they aren't using ...

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Hey Harriet said...

I'm a bit out of the loop re the facebook drama (I really should take more notice of the news...)

Hey I voted for the Ibis design also! As much as I can't stand the creatures I thought it was perfect for Brisbane. As well as being a great design of course.

All the best at Finders Keepers. I hope to visit on Sunday!

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