Monday, November 2, 2009

Finders Keepers wrap up

I am on my first day of holidays and I got up at 6.30am? Getting onto more important things like who won the gift tags and the heart brooch ... that would be Charlotte Lucy from this blog. This week you've got until Friday to leave a comment and win a heart brooch. The little blog will be taking a break while I'm somewhere in Southeast Asia picking up a nice little strain of malaria.

The Finders Keepers was amazing, the traffic on Saturday morning got me in a little bit of a fluster, there were people lined up and just swarming ... my beautiful neat display was terrorised by frantic market hands. I did my hair all nice and pretty for the ABC film crew and then they filmed on Sunday ... so I had to pick another outfit. Dear me. It's harder than it looks being interviewed on film ... I was trying to avoid 'dead arms' but then did so many hand movements I looked like I was at a convention interpreting for deaf people. I think I also got all flushed, so hopefully they can find a one minute snippet where I am not looking/talking like a total dilberry.

hair wand ...

matching pairs, started with over 40, went home with one!

little animals, other request from the two days were a pig, a butterfly and a lizard.

hearts, who doesn't love a good heart?

my Mum's creations, the ever popular gift tags. People stood here for 10 to 15 minutes rummaging though this box, laughing their arse off.

need to get sewing ... I have but two softie dolls left

my view for the 9 hours on Saturday and 7 on Sunday ...

behind the scenes

my neighbour, Liana who makes cool accessories from old knitting needles

early afternoon looking in the hall

beautiful light, and a Halloween market goer with a crown on

Sunday night after a hard slog, this building is so beautiful

xoxox see you soon


Kellie Christie said...

Congrats on the markets! Sounds like you did really well. It was great to meet you :-) I might have to have a stall at the next one.

charlotte lucy said...

ok a) this looks amazing and i wish i could have come, and b) OH MY GOODNESS I WON!!!! eeee im so so excited! il send you an email sharpish! thank you so much, cant wait to dazzle london with your beautiful broach


Little Mary Moo said...

Huge congratulations on your wonderful success. I love all the photos you took. Your stall looked so lovely.

Sandi said...

Wow, the Finders Keepers markets look wonderful! Congrats on your fabulous stall.

Sandrine said...

Bravo Hayley, love your stall look and all your clever display!Great hair do too!I feel really spoilt after opening my Reread very special enveloppe, thanks so much for being so generous!

xxx said...

Beautiful... Well done!

I'm still loving my beautiful bird and wish for a heart to be his friend :)

have a wonderful holiday
best wishes

Jade said...

Wow sounds like it was a super successful weekend for you - you looked flat chat when I saw you! Nice one :)
So can you download this interview anywhere? I didn't see it.
enjoy the holidays anyway xxx

Unknown said...

Everything is so lovely in your shop - and yet you expect us to pick favorites!!! I love the brown t-shirt & the fairy flower corsage - gorgeous!!! They are so pretty & would, I think, make even the most drab or daggy outfit look cute & feminine. Thanks..

cartucho r4i

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