Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jesus had a birthday and I got all the presents

I walked away from Christmas day a little bit pissy and with a nice stash of presents. The most lovely and thoughtful was a little vintage doll dressed in traditional Saami get-up. I got old books for my REread stuff, some pearls, and a Leunig book. Sybil got a vintage copy of Catcher in the rye. She can't read yet so I may have to read it out loud to her. And Popular Penguins were a big hit ...

I also bought myself a wonderful new toy, a Lumix FZ35. Still figuring out how it all works etc. yet from the few photos I have taken yesterday it looks to be a nice little camera.

I am thinking of a new blog, I have had this idea floating around for a while. The concept was 'conceptualised' one Friday night after a few $2 champagnes at the Fox (classy lady). I was waiting for the bus at the cultural center and just marvelling at the weird outfit ensembles that were also riding public transport.

In the new year I will get the blog up an running ... You wear me out, Brisbane. Hopefully the first post will have a few good images courtesy of the new snapper.

Also comment here for a chance to win a heart! or leave a comment on the original giveaway post below. See you in the new year.


Le said...

hee hee - just loving the title of this post - too funny :) I am linking thru - plus adoring the heart.

I have an elephant of yours and he was bought as a gift but I just had to keep him ... in the end he was a gift to me :)

Can't wait to see the new blog, best le

The Owl Diary said...

oh such a lovely doll!
looking forward to the new blog.

bubbachenille said...

What gal doesn't love a heart brooch?
Happy New year!

Sara said...

looking forward to read that :D

Chrisy said...

Fabulous idea for the new blog girl!

xxx said...

always loving your hearts :)

i too love the title of this post and I'm looking forward to your new blog :)

best wishes for the coming year

Anonymous said...

The doll is totally charming! Lovely gift indeed.

Anonymous said...

funny hayley. new blog sounds good. was thinking about moving to melb, but now will have to stay in bris to fully u/s your posts. Saw some of your brooches at a stand at Camberwell markets - of all places?!
Good for you for getting Jesus' presents. I think they suit you better.

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