Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you want culture with that?

Holidays and rainy weather make for good art gallery participation. I took off to pick-up a friend and off to GoMA we went for the 21st Century Art exhibition. Pretty good! Although I'll need to go back as we got 'culture fatigue' after an hour and a half and didn't get to see everything. If you go see the Finch Room (that's not the actual name of the art work, but you get the gist). The sound in the room would make you go bonkers after about 10 minutes, however the wee birdies are very cute.

This guy is painted with tiny white sperm
A knitted peacock
Some random Wallies under 'the pool' exhibit
Simple, but nice ...
it's just florescent light tubes with coloured cellophane taped to it
A giant plastic bag ensemble
Balls, lots of them
Me being a magpie ... lots of shiny

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home again, home again

I've just got back from a week in Mossman and Julatten in Tropical North Queensland. The first few days were sunny and steamy, at night we were all just zombie dead-heads with the 34 degree heat (at 8pm!) and the humidity. Can't be arsed writing a bunch of words at the moment (still in holiday mode) so here are some photos from the trip.

Hotel room in Cairns before I headed up to see the folks
Batt reef off Port Douglas (taken over the side of the boat)
One of the noisy birds that eat bananas on my Grandpa's veranda
Veikko and I by the fire? He likes to burn shit
The new dog 'Pulla', Finnish name for a sweet pastry
We tried to go to the Mareeba Wetlands ... too wet!
Made Karelian pies for Christmas Eve dinner

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walking ...

I've been sick, the doctor tells me it's walking pneumonia. Luckily it's not running pneumonia as I don't run for anything except trains I'm about to miss.

No running for this train ... but we were on it for days and days.
It took us across Siberia

I did my last market for the year last weekend for Bris-Style, the weather was as miserable as my gunky lungs. It rained so hard the girls outside had to pack-up and vamoose. We (inside girls) all packed up early too, as without the colourful fanfare outside not many passers-by were coming in and shopping. Read all about the wet, wet market here.

One very cute Bris-Style babe in her wet weather gear.

If you missed the December 4 market don't despair, as Bris-Style has one more market for the year! This Friday at King George Square. Below is a quick pick of some great stuff you'll find there.

Hey Jesus, it's your birthday soon right?
Wicked Child Designs ... you make me laugh!

Ohhh squeee, it's a wee drummer bunny

Mademoiselle, Jacques Cousteau, ahhhh baguette!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good dog ...

What should I blog about? This is just what I just asked non-blogging boy. The response was weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) or complexity theory. Yep, so I'm blogging about dogs. Sybil, the resident hound, is the most featured dog in my blog posts. She's getting a break this post.

Sybil ... the wonder dog

I have been making so many of my Library Cards, it's kind of addictive. It's like a little challenge getting good lines to fit with the funny illustrations. I'm going to take some into work to see how many people I can offend this festive season.

Cards ... in my Esty store

"Nah. I'm just the dogsbody"

"Yes, but then I am arrogant aren't I"

I also have been making more brooches as my stock is getting pretty low and I have a BrisStyle market coming up in December. More dogs, people like the dogs so I have made a few different dogs for the markets.

Puppies off the production line ...

And lastly here is a cute-as video for Guide Dogs NSWACT. I love this ad, it's funny and cute and has a puppy in it. It's not sad ... but I still get a wee bit teary at the end. I am such a dog person.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

and the ass saw the angel

I'm reading Nick Cave's And The Ass Saw The Angel at the moment. It's dark, morbid, gruesome and squalid. I freakin love it. You know that feeling you get when you get so engrossed in a book you feel as though you know the characters. It's like that and the way he puts words together on a page is brilliant. I can't believe I've waited this long to read this book. My boyfriend bought me The Death of Bunny Monroe (also by Cave) a few months ago and I read and enjoyed that. But this book takes the cake.

Audrey with a cute ass from we heart it

Mmmm delicious from we heart it

If you're a fan of Cave and even if you're not you should read this book. It will make the train trip into work a 30 minute epic saga of how god dam awful and wonderful human beings can be all at the same time. It's available for $9.95 as a Popular Penguin. I love these little orange numbers, cheap, collectible and filled with delicious popular, classic words.

Penguin books from we heart it

A photo of me taken for the Popular Penguin 75th Anniversary launch.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Neo Nana

neo- a combining form meaning “new,” “recent,” “revived,”“modified,” used in the formation of compound words.

it's not new ... we heart it

The market help, dropper-offerer, set-up help and picker-upperer graciously helped me with the Finders Keepers market last weekend. He made comment that the place was full of 'young Nanas'. It's true, most stall holders were pretty young lassies dressed in vintage poly blend. I like the vintage look, I am not full Nana, I'm more mix and match. I've never gone the full purple polyester 50s number with opaque flesh nylons.

Uber cool neo Nana look ... from the Satorialist

Bottom half nana ... we heart it

One of my fave neo Nanas ... Lemon Drop Vintage xoxo

On the way home from the first day I was wiped-out, and mentioned I needed a cup of tea - stat. Helper boy said that all the other stall holders would probably lose their shit at the mention of a cuppa and a biscuit. He coined the term 'neo Nanas'. I thought that was pretty funny. We had a good laugh about the little army of neo Nanas with their guerrilla crochet tactics and Arnotts creme selections.

Tea and a biscuit ... we heart it

Here are some photos taken by Mark Lobo of my upcycled cards thta I was selling at the Finders Keepers in Brisbane last weekend. To see the whole album click here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

blogged out ...

I was at the Sydney Bloggers Festival 2010 this week. I was attending the PR and Communications day. By the end of the day my head was full of ideas on how to make social media work better for my company (my real job!) and how to raise out profile. I think the best presentations were from the social media guru from Telstra and a guy called Greg Savage. The in-house PR and blogging presentations they gave were excellent.

I took the air-train after the conference. The train pulled into Circular Quay and the bridge and the Opera House loomed into sight, I really wished I had another day there. Oh and I won the luck door prize too!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bird bags for Finders Keepers

I have heaps of these little kids bags ready to go for the Finders Keepers market this weekend. 6-7 November in Brisbane. They are all 100% cotton, made with upcycled fabric and calico. They are embellished with op-shop buttons. Roll on up to say hi.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Studio one ... tweets a giveaway.

You can find me in studio one at the Finders Keepers market this weekend, 6-7 November. It's be a great weekend, there is food, music and best of all lots of handmade goodness. Tweet this post for a card pack ... a selection of my handmade cards! You've got until Friday 5 November to comment or retweet to be in the running.

I have almost made 200 of these little 'library card' babies. Each one is an old card, some of which have been written in, covered with a page from a vintage children's book and given a 'line'. Inside each card is a little pocket and library or library catalogue card for your message. Come and say hi and grab a card next weekend!

"Come here ... I have an idea"

"Yes, but then I am arrogant, aren't I"
"Striving for normality"

"No rest for the wicked."

Remember to tweet this to win!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hallmark, get a dog up ya

If you're a reader of my blog you'll know I make cards, lots of them. I buy cards from the op-shop (most never written in!) and make them new again using vintage books. Some 'message' cards are just so naff, 'Like a mother to me' was a stand out. The gag inducing message inside made me wonder 'who buys these cards and why?' I'm hoping people start to rebel against the gift card moguls and say what they really think or something really random like ...

A better way to say 'Missing you' ...
'The empty sensation intensified' with a spaced out kitty on the front.

How to say 'I'm thinking about killing you with a carrot' ...
'There was only one way to find out'

How to say 'Happy anniversary I got you this card' ...
'Everyone knows I'm such a boring bastard'
A better way to say 'Get well soon' ...
'No problem, we'll go shopping'

You too can take action against inane card messaging and say it with humour, originally and a lot of randomness. Find these cards and more at my next market ... The Finders Keepers on November 6-7.
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