Thursday, January 7, 2010

butterface ... nerd words 2010

Nice body ... but her face? Macquarie Dictionary has listed the new words 2009 and they want you to vote for the 'best' word of 2009. I'm going with 'butterface' with my runner up 'slacktivism'.

This week I want to giveaway 'something' ... so leave a comment or retweet and you're in the running to win this little bird.

Win this cute bird brooch

The winner of the last heartfelt giveaway was Lily Lovekin ... congratulations I hope you wear your heart on your sleeve.

My last market was a washout! It poured with tropical summer rain and my paper based products really didn't enjoy the deluge. So I packed up and put a call in to the wing man for an early pick-up.

I had been working on these cute new little matching pair brooches for the market. Soon to be up on Etsy when the sun comes out and I can take some nice shots of them.

And on a bird theme here are some Etsy birds ...

keep it together man ... here

keep your fridge in order with the fowl ... here

When I have kids they are so getting one of these ... here


Car said...

I'm on a real 'brooch' kick at the moment - so would love to win :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am too as I have just been to Melbourne I have been picked up a few more to my collect and would love to win one to add to it. I will be doing a post soon of my collection so far..
Love everything you do!!!
Chicuff by Daneve

Kellie Christie said...

Your chook and chick brooches are so cute!! Better luck with the next market :-) Count me in for your giveaway too

Wendy Olsen said...

I am so glad my browsing led to your little corner of the blog-sphere...your items are SOOOO gorgeous!!
I love that rocking rooster!!
I will be sending more followers your way!!

Jade said...

yeah i think i'm liking 'butterface' as well...
I was wearing one of your brooches the other day (the owl pair) and I was asked about it - gave her the BrisStyle group card and told her what you were called - hope she buys something from you :)
cool rocking horse too!

A girl said...

WOW!! Your blog is so awesome!!

Here's they keys @ my shop:

I'd be happy to offer you a 15% discount. Put code "Jan10" in the "message to seller" during check out.

Hita x0x0

goldlionaz said...

that green rooster rider, is so fabulous!!

Miu And Umi said...

My vote went to 'lipstick effect', but I reckon 'butterface' is a close second. I'm in love with your birds, rabbits and deer, and hope to see your stall at the next BrisStyle market!

Amy C said...

Thank you Thank YOU so very much for my sweet little ducky brooch, its adorable and all the way from Australia.
Wishing you a very happy and successful 2010 with all of your fun and creative adventures.
Amy C x

Giovanna said...

Oh these are simply adorable! I love the clutch!

edward and lilly said...

I love slacktivism, that's pretty funny. Cute brooch and I really love the matching sets, they are awesome!

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