Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Over the Hill and Far away, Mother duck said ... quack, quack, quack, quack

And only one little duck came back. Not true, I just started that post with over the hill and it progressed from there. I got back from a island weekend of swimming in the beautiful clear waters of North Stradbroke. I got a good way through my reading effort, drank some posh wine, ate cupcakes that had an 'accident' in the over and soaked my skin squeaky clean. And all the little ducks came back.

view from the deck, bit of alright

anyone for a nice peaceful swim, or do you just want to thunk your head on rocks etc?

my wee feet with the board after a piss weak effort at surfing

many of these friendly little fellows about on Australia Day

scrub up alright after a day in the sun and surf

Two more presents to add to the booty. These Matryoshaka dolls are measuring cups, how cool is that! And the lovely ladies at work got me a pony inspired card along with some wares you can get here at Red Phoenix Emporium.

Now after my restful little jaunt on the island I need to get back into the cutting, pasting and general mess making that is REread. The next market is on Sunday February 7 at Southbank. Do come along and check it out if you have not had the chance to do so yet. And tune in soon for another heart giveaway ...

I will have a big range of Valentine guff for all your romantics out there. Heart garlands, heart brooches, maybe a impromptu sonnet about daffodils and elfin grotts. And for those of you who fart in the general direction of Valentine and his silly day, I have banded together with my mum to make some less loved up tags.

see you round ...


littlechrissy said...

Oh I'm thoroughly feeling the sentiment of that last tag today. I fart in everyone's general direction. Their mothers are all hamsters and their fathers definitely smell like elderberries.

Anonymous said...

great feet :) regards from your family . Don't forget the foot support xoxoxxoxoxo

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