Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Elk, deer me, you're a lot like your mother

Turns out turning 30 is not so bad after all. You get lots of presents, and people make a fuss, so milk it while you can I guess. I got a motherload in the mail yesterday. Firstly a card from my mum. Funny because I am more and more like her each day, we sound the same, look the same and even (apparently) say 'bye' the same weird way. I got 'Pyrex delight' from her and other gifts that have yet to arrive, eBay I love you. My Trans Siberian cabin mate sent me a parcel of fantastic goods. She knows me pretty well, they were all such cool little gifts ... thank you :)

awesome resin necklace from Ms Slade ... danka

The official number one placement for 'Grandpa 2010' goes to my Poppy who sold a goat and gave up his cocaine habit to buy me a Kichenaid ... A pistachio one, drool.

I received some glass beads I bought off Etsy, turned them into little vintage book pendants ... very cute. Again, creating more mess ...

I also treated myself to some 'air plants' as I am back in terrarium mode and enjoy green things in glass immensely at the moment. Vacola jar, one air plant, some fish tank gravel scooped off the driveway ... viola! A cute little indoor plant number, now all I need is a macramé owl.

And I got a single, red, long stem rose to day at work with a lovely card, written from afar. Blush. Image from we heart it.

If you're considering having kids, try to time it with a public holiday. Having the Australia day weekend for a birthday is a pretty sweet deal. The only bad thing about Australia day is those bloody Sam Kekovich ads, funny year one, again year two, third time, yeah nah ... fourth year running the humour left the building Sam.

We do really bad TV commercials really well in this country ... what's harder to get rid of than the Clapp? That fucker off the Rugs A Million ads. They should put that in the citizen test 'how much will a Rugs a Million Rug be after 70% the original discounted price, after the twenty fourth closing down sale?'

So talking about closing down sales ... two more sleeps until my 20s fade away like a fart in a supermarket aisle ... painful at first, but if you walk straight ahead without looking back you'll get over it pretty soon. Shall I do the 29 things before I turn 30 list? Yes ... OK

1. Don't makes lists and post them in a public forum, as nobody really wants to read them or actually cares
2. refer to point one

Thanks ... Jettas Nest won the Harajuku Fox, go you!! No giveaway this week as I'll be removing the front part of my brain with an ice cream scoop on a tropical island. See you next week.


Jade said...

Hey Happy Birthday!!!

I was 30 last Oct - really no big deal is it?! We also timed our wedding day for the 28th Jan which means we often get a long weekend for our anniversary :)

You got very spoilt too - nice pressies! Love that kitchen aid too - I've got one in white sitting downstairs for me from the restaurant but I'm still putting off bringing it upstairs to the kitchen as I have one that was my grandmother's that is like over 30 years now and still going strong. They are the best!

Well have a great birthday day :)

Nicole said...

Happy 30th Birthday xx Love the card from your Mum - classic!

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