Sunday, February 28, 2010

Epic ... post

It has been a massive, unproductive (craft wise) week. After many weeks away my partner in residential crime arrived home from South America. The next day we hauled our arses off to Soundwave where we saw Jane's Addiction and Faith No More, got fermented fruit level drunk and danced like we didn't care who was watching (in any case nobody was!). Sunday was spent regretting I had not made myself up-chuck the previous night, and hence smelling like a TAB carpet. Monday I had to turn sideways to talk to people at work due to 'mosh neck'. Then off to Melbourne for a mini break.

Jane's Addiction ... very cool

Me with a superstar ?? no just Will

Being a Melbourne statue

And it keeps raining here in Brisbane, it has rained all day. I walked from work to dance and was amused at how much there is to think about when observing umbrellas. Some ladies have very nice brand umbrellas, I love the Oroton ones. Some have cute vintage ones, some have stupidly big ones with logos for golf, lawyers, or technical equipment and some have shitty broken ones that look like a lame fruit bat is hovering above them. I have a bubble one that is see-through with colourful polka dots ... very festive in the drippy rain.


I have the BrisStyle Indie Markets on this weekend ... so rain, rain, go away, come again another day! I will have all my cards, brooches etc. there so if you're in town get yourself along. The winner of the mail pack from ages ago is Lightning Heart ... this week I have more mail, cards, letter stuff to post out to someone ... just leave me a comment and it could be yours!!!

Win a mail pack ... leave me a comment x


Lightning Heart said...

ooh ooh ooh! i've never won anything before yaaaaaaaay!

i couldn't find an email address on your blog sorry but mine is

Jetta's Nest said...

It doesn't feel like the rain will ever stop!

Janes Addiction are good live, yes! I can't even believe I remember seeing them but I do....clearly even :)

See you Sat!

Kellie Christie said...

Sounds like you've had a great week! OMG love the muppets envelope! I'll see you at BiDM, I don't have a stall but will be shopping.

Becky said...

You are a far wiser soul then I. I couldn’t decide between Soundwave of Future Music Festival...went to the latter only for it to turn into a giant mud field and for a number of acts to cancel because of the rain *ho hum*.

Looking forward to having a good gander at your stall at BiDM – hoping the rain will clear up so it will be as nice a day as the December markets.

morgan said...

Soundwave was definitly epic and faith no more ripping poker face by lady gaga even more epic!

Hope your mosh neck didn't hang around too long! Mine only lasted till Wednesday lol.

Love the muppets btw!


Car said...

DAMN! Now I'm wanting a big bubble umbrella with polka dots! I have a dodgy little pink purse sized umbrella that is always conveniently lost when it rains!

Hope the markets are great this weekend, I can't make it this time around :(

Wendy Olsen said...

I went to Janes Addiction sidewave show and soundwave in Melbourne!! They were brilliant!! I got some really good photos , Dave Navarro put them on their website and twittered them!! YAY!
Will email them if you want a copy!

Anonymous said...

I have been avidly watching the umbrellas in Brissy too, its amusing to see someones umbrella turned inside out in the high winds near the river! I missed the market on the weekend and have had my eye on your products, they are super awsome!

Cassandra Vanderkop said...

The markets were awesome on the weekend! I love your stuff, the muppets envelope is rad =)

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

Ooooh mosh neck, I know exactly how you feel. It took me a week to recover from a mates gig last month. I used to be able to dance all day, but just three bands pulled me up! This lack of stamina and the fact that images from my childhood are now “vintage” (like your fabulous mail pack!) are conspiring to make me feel rather old! But I would love to be the lucky winner of you pack; I could send off some funky letters to “old” mates.

Ashton Rigg said...

I'm in! Saw your stall at Hamilton- gorgeous!

Crossing my fingers for my chances to win!

Ginny said...

Love the pics, especially the umbrella one!

Anonymous said...

I love the cards I bought from you when I has a stall next to you at BrisSTyle. There is something about the 'Gum Nut Babies' that will stay with me forever!

halfwhiteboy said...

That umbrella installation is so cool!

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