Saturday, March 27, 2010

Twilight ...

The heading will attract some vamp teens I am sure, however the Twilight is in reference to the markets to be held on April 30 with BrisStyle. It should be great, pretty fairy lights, lots of fun people and more importantly lots of wonderful things to buy!

Note - Mormon fiction vampire characters will not be available for sale at the BrisStyle Twilight Market.

I am still getting my arse into gear with the photos for the you wear me out blog. I don't ever seem to have enough time in the week to get everything done. I am heading into South Bank so I will try to get snappy today. I took some Thursday outfit with pearls and chicken accessories ... as a start.

The blog post I for the mail pack is long over due ... the lucky winner is Ashton Rigg, you can see her blog here. Same deal, leave me a comment and win a mail pack.

Enjoy the weekend :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Market ...

I will be at the Avid Reader tomorrow night for their 'Little Market'. In West End, where trendies mix with old men who wear their slippers out.

Some of the items that will accompany me at my little table, with my little lamp ...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brisbane, you wear me out ... soon

I have my flash little Lumix back ... and I am back on-board with my 'wear me out' blog idea. I am designing the header, getting some cards printed and coercing funky people I know to be my pilot 'stylers'.

Twiggy ... not from Brisbane, but she rocks.

I will start her up ... on the weekend.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ugly people get married to (sic)

The shitful weather held off until 2pm .. smack bang on our market end time. It was another great day for the BrisStyle market goers and stall holders. The market organisers are so fantastic, I really think that BrisStyle has the best markets in the South East corner. It was lovely to meet people I only know from the blogsphere and Etsy stores. One was the witty, funny loveliness of Art Decadence. Her blog is a great read, definitely worth a read. She also makes hell cool stuff and flogs it on Etsy.

There were some new lassies I met at the market ... BrisStyle is busting at the seams with talent. I had a stall next to Miss Dish who makes some very pretty bits and pieces. It's so good to talk to other crafty ducks to get tips, tricks and encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing.

I also met boorah, who makes cute kids stuff. She was also very kind and held my fort as I scoffed a roll and did a quick whip round to buy some presents from Hot Toffee, one of my favourite jewellery makers this side of town. I got some two-tone green drop earrings, and a Little Mary Moo purse to put them in.

As we packed up it began to rain ... again ... We went to have a cold beverage at the local bowls club, classy and just before we left a bunch of bucks turned up. Not the four-legged type but the ones that get drunk and wake up covered in honey tied to a street sign with a dog licking their face.

The buck in residence was a massive, puffy type who was bright red from alcohol and poor circulation I suspect. He was wearing a shirt that said 'Ugly people get married to' ... we both read it and though 'to who?'. There were some witty things just busting to be said, we refrained however, as though his grasp on the English language was minimal he looked like someone who liked to head-butt and bite ears off.

Now it's back to art, craft and other messy stuff to get ready for the Twilight markets to be held in April. To read other takes on the BrisStyle day try Moose and Bird and Rocstar Dog ...

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