Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All things deer to me

First off ... comment here or on my post below to win this little fawn brooch. He's a bundle of accessory goodness!

This post is about deers, as I love them. Reindeer are my ruminant of choice. Here are some fine hoofed examples from the ever clever BrisStyle team. Come and see us at the first ever Twilight Market on April 3o at King George Square.

The Ohh Deer 8 inch metal frame clutch here

Sybella Boutique

A LITTLE DEER ... BUT WORTH IT. A OOAK gypsy pendant

Gradum Gypsies

Buy Me A Pony - 25mm badge set (yes this is not a deer ... but close enough) ... get it here


And last but not least one of mine!
The exclusion fawn - upcycled paper brooch get it here

Lastly I'd like to point you to a little blog from Brisbane that you might like ... and might see more of in weeks to come! A huge thank you to Ms L for helping me with my stall on Sunday. Without her company and quick quips about the bogan hoards that streamed past us for eight hours I might just have stuck a fork in my eye to combat the boredom.


Alyssa said...

now im quietly singing "Doe a dear a female dear... "

stephchows said...

hehe I like deer too! just not when they are eating my tulips ;) awesome broach!!

Bianca Jagoe said...

Aww, I love deer. I used to live behind a deer farm and they'd always get into my yard.

Little Eve said...

Very delicate, beautiful looking work.
Lovely to have you visit my blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice deer! I prefer yours out of all of them :-)

charlotte lucy said...

my little sisters nickname is bambi, shes like a little deer... so cute, and yes, yours is best


Designs by Rondelle said...

I have a thing for deers. these are all gorgeous!!

babalisme said...

Oh, deer. Can't get enough of them!
Anyway, thanks for commenting on my post about the swap...*winkwink* would you be interested? :D :D please please?

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Oh dear to markets with bogan hoards. Hope the twilight market goes better for you :)

Gracie said...

Deers are lovely. The little fawn brooch is darling. As well as the other items. Especially the clutch.

Kelly Leigh said...

oh my gosh you do love deer! These brooches are so cute. I hope you made lots of moolah at the market!

sybella said...

Thanks so much for including my clutch in your blog! See you at the markets!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Your deer brooch is so lovely and clever!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Oh, I love that little 'bundle'. I wish I hadn't missed this giveaway.

lauren carney said...

your creations are so beautiful!
you're very talented!
*click* your site is now added to my favourites!
thanks for sharing!
x x

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