Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bunny, rabbit, Hopper ... bye bye

Dennis Hopper died today, I think he'll be remembered most for the movie Easy Rider. They were all so young and good looking in that film. This post has a 'Hopper' theme in remembrance of a very cool dude.

The winner of the 'crying softly' brooch is Moose and Bird. Check out her fab blog and be sure to pop on over to her Etsy shop. This week I am giving readers the chance to win anything form my Etsy store. Just have a look here and let me know what piece you would buy if you wanted a present for a friend and you're in the running to win any item from the store.

Some recent editions to the store.

Win any of these ...

I have found the most excellent Flickr group, it's the 'Vintage Children's Books' group the illustrations are so great. If you love the old Golden Books etc. get along and check them out.

From here ...

From here ...

See you next week and remember to win anything from my Etsy store just tell me what you like best in my shop ... leave a comment here.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

dead ding bat

The weekend went way too quickly. I do however, have a winner for last weeks brooch and it was the first person to leave a comment! Check out her blog here. This week another heart is on the line. It will have you crying softly in the corner. Not recommended with Leonard Cohen tunes and red wine. Just leave me a comment or retweet to be in it to win it.

Win me !!

On Friday I saw this poor, little fellow outside the house, this is an ex-bat. It has always made me feel sad to see the little things fried still clinging onto the power line by their impish claws.

We had a pet Fruit Bat when we were growing up, he was an orphan and his name was 'Batty', terribly creative. We would take him for walks on Port Douglas (Four Mile) Beach and the Japanese tourists would take photos of us with him draped over our shoulder. He would hang off the rear view mirror of the car when mum drove us to school, he was excellent at cornering. At night he would sleep on the hammock - but at about midnight he'd 'walk' along the floor and climb into my parents bed and snuggle up to my Mum ... then my Dad would wake up and say 'get that stinking f**king thing out of here'.

We taught him to fly using a monkey bar type swing in the house. He'd hold on and we'd swing him and he would flap and flap. It took ages, but finally one night he opened up his wings and took off over the balcony, back into the wild. About two seconds later a massive owl swooped down, hammered him and carried him off into the night to snack on. My Dad's words of comfort were 'well that's natures kids'. Poor little Batty.

From we heart it ...

On that note leave me a comment to win the brooch, tell me about your orphaned bat or weird-arse dad or just say hi !!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

non toxic, happy happy resin ?

In order to prevent my offspring from looking like that fish out of the Simpson's I am looking for a water based, low or no VOC resin to work with. Do you think I can find it? It seems that lots of places are selling 'non-toxic' resin however I think that just refers to once it's dry not while you're working with it. They don't say what's in it or why it's non-toxic.

We are having the floor done and one option is a water based 'non toxic' resin. How non toxic it is I do not know, I mean you can eat too many almonds and die from arsenic poisoning (I mean like heaps of them so don't put down the biscotti just yet). I just think maybe a little bit less toxic is a little bit better. So my options are to buy a resa VOC gas mask and goggles (uber sexy) or to find some kind of swami rami hari hari peace out 'green' and 'eco' resin.

If you have any tips on resin use (are you a user?) please let me know. I'm looking forward to the new water based non toxic floor ... we also just bought a gorgeous old green metters enamel stove to go in the old 'cook out' alcove. I imaging this stove to be in a cute woodland cabin somewhere.

Some others things you might find in the woods are ...

Run for the hills ... Wolf here

Butterfly bag in the woods here

What the hell is Jesus doing wandering around in the woods?

All from the amazing BrisStyle team. And if you're feeling lucky comment here or the post below to win a heart brooch (very non toxic).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life in a bubble

Another Brisbane winner this week! The mail pack is off to Ashton Rigg, check out her . Brisbane tweets here. This week I have another heart brooch to giveaway. Please leave me a comment or tweet this post and you're in the draw to win a little 'confident beater'.

This week has involved a fair bit of floor preparations, puling old nails and staples out to get it ready for the dander and polish. My poor little 'craft' hands are all sore, dry and calloused. I would like to take a week off all house work, real work, renovation work and craft work to sit in a little bio-dome like bubble and read and drink cups of tea. Here are some domes I'd love to visit.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away ... from here

Deer on my finger ... from here

Drop me off here, I'll call you when I've finished my cake!

Have a lovely week ... remember to leave me a comment or retweet to win the heart brooch oxoxox.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love me linoleum

Number one ... we have a winner for the 'rabbits' heart brooch and it's Owl vs. Dove. You can read her fashionable blog here. Now for this giveaway it's a nostalgia card pack! Just leave a comment here and you are in the running to win a pack of my cards, all upcycled from children's books and op-shop cards!

Win me ...

I have been helping to rip up the lino in a house that had one owner it's whole life. We have uncovered 60 years of 'underlay history'.

Underneath the carpet, rubber underlay, lino, and more lino we found old newspapers from the 50s. What a find! I have kept some of the best pages from the old Courier Mail and People Magazine to have framed and put on the wall. I also found two lovely old pin up girl playing cards. It's hard work, but quite fun reading the ridiculous old ads.

Nothing like painting your nails just before bedtime to spice up the bedroom capers!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Twilight and some sneaky f**kers at the YDM ...

The Twilight Market was a flaming success! With no naked flames but many pretty solar and battery powered lights. Lots of people turned up for a look and a good many more just happened to 'find' us in the city square. The promotional team from BrisStyle did a smashing job, they are some very cool ladies (and market men!). It was such a lovely night with the cool Autumn air, the band playing and the happy shoppers. I am gearing up for the next one!

Start of the night ... just getting dark

My little stall

Beautiful old city hall with some market goers

The Young Designers Market was on Sunday. It was nice, a good steady flow of people looking and buying. However I think some sneaky prick might have taken a little wad of cash from my money box. I guess you just think it's market, people are nice, but maybe not so much?

I thought I always had my eye on the money box, but when I think back there were so many times I was distracted, when Mum and I were both talking to customers or talking to each other. So it's a super nerd burger money belt for me next market, no more sticky fingers in my money box while I'm not looking.

Trying to look svelte with my stash of market goodness

some of the lovelies on the day

awe, a happy couple in the sunshine at South Bank

On a more upbeat note, the winner of the cute little heart from last week is Kim, see her neat blog here. This week I have a rabbits heart ... all you need to do to be in the running is leave me a comment on this post.

win me, win me, win me!!

See you soon and stay tuned for more market updates.

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