Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life in a bubble

Another Brisbane winner this week! The mail pack is off to Ashton Rigg, check out her . Brisbane tweets here. This week I have another heart brooch to giveaway. Please leave me a comment or tweet this post and you're in the draw to win a little 'confident beater'.

This week has involved a fair bit of floor preparations, puling old nails and staples out to get it ready for the dander and polish. My poor little 'craft' hands are all sore, dry and calloused. I would like to take a week off all house work, real work, renovation work and craft work to sit in a little bio-dome like bubble and read and drink cups of tea. Here are some domes I'd love to visit.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away ... from here

Deer on my finger ... from here

Drop me off here, I'll call you when I've finished my cake!

Have a lovely week ... remember to leave me a comment or retweet to win the heart brooch oxoxox.


imperfectly natural mama said...

I really like your blog, the badge is sooo cute and vintage looking I love it. hoep you have ahd a good weekend.

Alyssa said...

this may be a stupid suggestion and it probably shows how "handy man" i am... but if you wore rubber gloves, like the ones you use to do the washing up... would that give your hands a bit of a break? it might stop the callous's... just a thought :)

Ahoy Dear Sailor said...

oh so lovely!
i bought my friend the twin pack of two little cat badges they were so adorable i nearly couldn't give them away!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, gorgeous badge! Your work is so lovely.

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