Tuesday, May 18, 2010

non toxic, happy happy resin ?

In order to prevent my offspring from looking like that fish out of the Simpson's I am looking for a water based, low or no VOC resin to work with. Do you think I can find it? It seems that lots of places are selling 'non-toxic' resin however I think that just refers to once it's dry not while you're working with it. They don't say what's in it or why it's non-toxic.

We are having the floor done and one option is a water based 'non toxic' resin. How non toxic it is I do not know, I mean you can eat too many almonds and die from arsenic poisoning (I mean like heaps of them so don't put down the biscotti just yet). I just think maybe a little bit less toxic is a little bit better. So my options are to buy a resa VOC gas mask and goggles (uber sexy) or to find some kind of swami rami hari hari peace out 'green' and 'eco' resin.

If you have any tips on resin use (are you a user?) please let me know. I'm looking forward to the new water based non toxic floor ... we also just bought a gorgeous old green metters enamel stove to go in the old 'cook out' alcove. I imaging this stove to be in a cute woodland cabin somewhere.

Some others things you might find in the woods are ...

Run for the hills ... Wolf here

Butterfly bag in the woods here

What the hell is Jesus doing wandering around in the woods?

All from the amazing BrisStyle team. And if you're feeling lucky comment here or the post below to win a heart brooch (very non toxic).


Kellie Christie said...

What resin have you been using? I have used easy cast, which is suposed to be low odour and less toxic then others but still not completely good for you.

xxx said...

Good luck with the resin.

Either way i'd definetly invest in wearing a mask and any other apparatus that will protect you.

Often with toxins they take a while to show their effects, but hey who wants to wait for that :(

I used to work with a lot of toxic materials as a prop maker and I understand the dilema.

Keep searching and I'm sure you'll find something that better suits.

best wishes for excellent health

Unknown said...

thansk Kellie and Robyn ... I currently use Aristocrat and I have just bought ICE resin ... it's quite good but still high VOC

pannikin said...

I think Jesus got a bit tired of the whole 'walking on water' gimmick and decided to walk over nettle and through poison ivy instead - all in a bid to win back his popularity.

x Holly

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