Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grenache in place of markets ... oops

So I made it to the city and did some shopping by proxy with a friend. Ducked into DJs to moisturise my dry, post hole digging hands with some testers and got sucked into buying $37 worth of herbal dog wash? I sure hope it makes her more pepperminty and less funky.

Then I lost my shopping mojo and opted for a coffee ... which turned into a glass of delicious grenache at The Lark in Paddington. So I never made it to the Finders Keepers, but I did have a nice day out.

Fancy ladies swigging a nice drop ...

I also got inspired to use the covers of the children's books I use for my cards, brooches etc. so I had a crack at making a clock ... not bad for the first effort. My buttons for numbers are a little wonky ...

Dig it ...

Do you dig it? I do, I have just helped build a fence (it's actually not yet finished). I would have never thought there was so much work involved. I guess that's why I work in an office and not as a fence builder. Digging a 600mm post hole is a big job - we needed 24 of them. Now I just want to soak in a bath of nice salts and drink a glass of port.

My aching back ails me, but I will soldier on and get myself to the Finders Keepers market today. A few BrisStyle girls are going to be there!

Some photos from the market last year (when I had brown hair!)

Looking forward to the next BrisStyle market, the BiECO market in two weeks. I must get busy though as I need to make more stuff. Click here to read about me and the market on the BrisStyle blog. Click here to see a list of the cool stalls that will be participating.

The winner of the random heart from my last two posts is Laura Mitchell - I will send one out soon! I will also be setting up another giveaway in time for the BiECO.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kids in the skate bowl

Riding the bus into the city I saw the kids at the skate bowl. Little ones with their stack hats on and all the big ones standing around with no shirts, falling down pants and tatts. Was kind of sweet seeing the big kids play nice with the little ones on scooters.

From here

Bangle from old skate deck here

Still on the bus and listening to my mp3 player ... and I am sick of everything on it. All I feel like listening to is Beck and a bit of Bowie.

comment for a chance to win a heart ...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

no rummage but plenty of sunshine

So Our Brisbane lied! There was no suitcase rummage on today! So no vintage kitchen stuff for me. Instead, I book shopped it up and grabbed a copy of the Popular Penguin 'And the Ass Saw the Angel' for the birthday boy and then caught the bus into New Farm. Such a beautiful day, and the cake was amazing (tasted as good as it looks).

Taking a turn around the park

The blue sky above the Powerhouse ...

Being sociable ...

The kick-arse birthday cake topped with fresh red roses!

I have found the most amazing porcelain wedding toppers ever. I am making a wedding cake for my friends and I want a vintage cake stand a topper that they can keep that's not tacky. I have found what I'm looking for. Melabo makes custom toppers in all the following animals; Duck, unicorn, horse, squirrel, owl, bear, pig, bunny (cartoonish), rabbit, cat, puppy, giraffe, elephant, mountain goat, deer, monkey, jackalope and robot.

jackalope and bear

squirrel and bunny

Now the hard part is deciding what two animals suit them best. He's a nerd-burger scientist who studies turtles and she's a gorgeous lawyer with beautiful long black hair down to her waist who would live on chocolate if the human body did not require fibre. Suggestions? See the flickr photos here. I think I'd like to pair the rabbit and squirrel or jackalope and cat.

horse and squirrel

This week I'll be giving away one of my brooches again. Comment here or on my next post to be in the draw. A little random heart is up for grabs ...

Pyrex and teapots and rummaging?

I popped in to a little antique store yesterday and found some really cute enamel stuff. I got this little teapot for a bargain, unfortunately the spout is a bit clogged with gunk and it's really hard to clean. So I think I'll relegate it to the garden and pop a plant in it.

It's such a beautiful day today, the sun is out - it's lovely and warm in the sun. I'm ducking in to check out the suitcase rummage and do a bit of rummaging. Hoping to find some vintage kitchen ware, I'm addicted to the stuff.

These are some from my Pyrex collection .... ohhhh ramekins how I love thee

Then I'm off to buy a Nick Cave book for a b-day present (he's Irish so I want to introduce him to some good Australian literature) - then to the park to say 'happy birthday' and get some vitamin D with friends.

I made him a card, here are some of the new cards I've done - all from my stash of Lifeline Bookfest goodies.

"Most of us know the difficulty of banishing a tune from our mind when tired"

"Sensible! Oh, yes ... it was sensible."

"Good. I'm good. She's good. We're good."

See you back soon with some shots from the rummage and a new giveaway.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A maroon plague of ...

They were not locusts but they were swarming tonight. I walked out of work today and totally got my crank on. I was tired, getting a cold and it's already dark so the cranky rating on the 'crowd/festival rage scale' is about 7.5 (on a scale of one to 10, where one is relaxed, sitting on the grass with a cold beverage and ten is pressed between a large, sweaty man and an anemic, girl gyrating like a frog in a sock) already. The hoards or 'swarms' of bogan masses that steamed out of the train station toward me bumped that 7.5 right up to a good nine, maybe 10.

Biblical ... from here

As you can tell I love football and tonight is the State of Origin game in Brisbane. Tonight, for me, just confirmed that the colour maroon must join the ranks of 'things that we'd be better off without'. Bagpipes, the recorder, toaster covers, I could go on. Here are some things that are nicer than football and also the colour maroon.

It's a plague in my shower ... here

Ponies ... here

Dogs that sleep by your side and have little dreams (complete with quiet barking and 'running' paws)

Monday, June 14, 2010

All over number seven ... it's a bird

Martha, you crazy old duck! Guess who I saw at the Lifeline bookfest, none other than the Ms Stewart herself signing books and giving investment advice. She was wearing one of my brooches, I asked for a photo and she ever so kindly obliged!

Now more more important things like who won the stash of REread stuff after the 'seven posts in seven days' stint. After writing each name on scrap paper I picked out a winner and it was Flying Ducks. Congratulations, your package will be in the mail very soon.

A sample of the REread stuff soon to be in the post ...

I got some great books at the bookfest. I love this little guy, he's kind of like Bambi, but not quite. This book belonged to Robyn Clarke ... who at the time she first owned it, lived in Miles st Hawthorne. I love the history in these old books.

Nimbo, the Claytons Bambi?

I also scored the 'Boys and Girls of the Bible' ... filled with the wonderful cheesy images in those amazing colours. I use these pictures to make my library cards. The pictures are just so good, the captions almost write themselves! I use the corniest of corny romance novel for the lines.

"Here you can have this one .. I keep finding them floating down the river."

"Even crazy shit like flying chariots and Jesus telling jokes about Jehovah were not enough to interest Doug and Marcia. They were just two bored kids in a crazy old world"

"As hard as he tried David could just not think of a line to rhyme with 'they don't make Jews like Jesus anymore'."

Took some more photos for Etsy, and while I was at it I had my photo taken with Hussein, our sassy black chicken. She seemed to want to be in the photo ... see in the background of the first picture!

Six ... J-Lo and oops

Oops I missed day six - I'm going to buckle and do two today. Yesterday I went into the city on the back of the motorbike ... haven't been for a ride in a good while and boy, was there some gasping and swearing going on inside my helmet. Being a pillion is great fun, but can be very sphincter twitching at times!

Riding ... papillion, from here

I walked across the Goodwill Bridge to meet a friend for coffee and cake. We did the Three Monkeys Cafe, a favorite of mine. I managed to get a crappy piece of cake! First time I have ever had bad cake there. So if you're a Three Monkeys fiend avoid the black forest, it's craptastic.

Coffee with a friend, from here

Jenny from the block was there, we said 'hi' and chatted about twins - I got this little happy snap of her wearing one of my brooches. She's a doll that J-Lo.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Posh likes to wolf it down five times as fast

Were there five spice girls? Who cares, Posh is over it and so are most us. She is however getting back to her roots, taking knitting lessons, learning how to darn Beck's socks and buying local. Seen here Ms Victoria Beckham is wearing a wold brooch she picked up at a local market.

More wolfy business here ... comment to win a giveaway .. ends in two more posts! Be in the running to win a REread brooch and more.

I saw this image in an email and the found it on We Heart it ...

Two great images form the Flickr Vintage Children's Books pool here and here ...

Ladyhawke ... I love this song and the film clip

see you tomorrow for post number six

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