Monday, June 14, 2010

All over number seven ... it's a bird

Martha, you crazy old duck! Guess who I saw at the Lifeline bookfest, none other than the Ms Stewart herself signing books and giving investment advice. She was wearing one of my brooches, I asked for a photo and she ever so kindly obliged!

Now more more important things like who won the stash of REread stuff after the 'seven posts in seven days' stint. After writing each name on scrap paper I picked out a winner and it was Flying Ducks. Congratulations, your package will be in the mail very soon.

A sample of the REread stuff soon to be in the post ...

I got some great books at the bookfest. I love this little guy, he's kind of like Bambi, but not quite. This book belonged to Robyn Clarke ... who at the time she first owned it, lived in Miles st Hawthorne. I love the history in these old books.

Nimbo, the Claytons Bambi?

I also scored the 'Boys and Girls of the Bible' ... filled with the wonderful cheesy images in those amazing colours. I use these pictures to make my library cards. The pictures are just so good, the captions almost write themselves! I use the corniest of corny romance novel for the lines.

"Here you can have this one .. I keep finding them floating down the river."

"Even crazy shit like flying chariots and Jesus telling jokes about Jehovah were not enough to interest Doug and Marcia. They were just two bored kids in a crazy old world"

"As hard as he tried David could just not think of a line to rhyme with 'they don't make Jews like Jesus anymore'."

Took some more photos for Etsy, and while I was at it I had my photo taken with Hussein, our sassy black chicken. She seemed to want to be in the photo ... see in the background of the first picture!

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