Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Gaga, like rabbits uno, dos, tres

Lady Gaga is a closet brooch wearer. You might think she's all about fake blood and Velcro suits, but when she gets home and climbs out of her clear PVC suit she likes a cup of Earl Grey and to crochet. This is how she spends her 'down-time' getting in touch with her inner nana. At home she's Lady Na_na . Here she wears a bunny brooch (she forgot to take this one off before heading out as Mickey Mouse). You can get one almost exactly the same in my Etsy shop.

More rabbit things ... And if you comment you are in the running to win a prize. Comment on any of the 'seven posts is seven days' and you're in it to win it.

Get this cool necklace on Esty .. love this original piece.

Marc Johns ... oh you crack me up ... from here.

I am turning more and more into a nana with every day ... how is it that I find porcelain figurines that are pointless items of clutter appealing? Anyway, you can get this cute clutter here.

see you with more celebrity drivel tomorrow for post four ...


Kylie C said...

And day number three!

Kellie Christie said...

Oh Lady Gaga what a awesome brooch you are wearing, just who is that talented designer??? Count me in for your giveaway!!

Mia said...

Go Lady GaGa - I can't believe we have anything in common but it turns out we do - I crochet too! Am loving the celebrity week on re-read. keep it coming.
PS Did I see Victoria Beckam AND husband David wearing your broaches in one of the trash mags last week??

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