Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pyrex and teapots and rummaging?

I popped in to a little antique store yesterday and found some really cute enamel stuff. I got this little teapot for a bargain, unfortunately the spout is a bit clogged with gunk and it's really hard to clean. So I think I'll relegate it to the garden and pop a plant in it.

It's such a beautiful day today, the sun is out - it's lovely and warm in the sun. I'm ducking in to check out the suitcase rummage and do a bit of rummaging. Hoping to find some vintage kitchen ware, I'm addicted to the stuff.

These are some from my Pyrex collection .... ohhhh ramekins how I love thee

Then I'm off to buy a Nick Cave book for a b-day present (he's Irish so I want to introduce him to some good Australian literature) - then to the park to say 'happy birthday' and get some vitamin D with friends.

I made him a card, here are some of the new cards I've done - all from my stash of Lifeline Bookfest goodies.

"Most of us know the difficulty of banishing a tune from our mind when tired"

"Sensible! Oh, yes ... it was sensible."

"Good. I'm good. She's good. We're good."

See you back soon with some shots from the rummage and a new giveaway.


Kylie C said...

Oh, GORGEOUS finds! If I'd seen that teapot myself, I would have bought it! I'm also a sucker for Pyrex.

If you're out and about today, you should stop in at Aladdin's Fair at Downey Park in Windsor. It's $5 to get it, but should be full of all kinds of vintage treasures. I went to the vintage fashion fair they had yesterday and it was great.

xxx said...

I have a large milk jug that matches your teapot... exactly the same.
It's a stove top milk jug.... but we use it to hold paint brushes :)

Thanks for sharing these wonderful finds.

Daria Hlazatova said...

Nick Cave is great! :)
love the cards - so fun!

red bamboo said...

Love the teapot and am a bit envious of your lofty ramekin collection! Really like your new look blog too - the book 'borders' are great!

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