Monday, August 16, 2010

Cupcake for me, cupcake for you, cupcake for the puppy

It was RSPCA Cupcake Day today and I went ape in the kitchen late on Sunday night making lemon cupcakes. Then, at 6am this morning I was was up to say 'good morning' to my delightful KitchenAid and I whipped up a batch of fluffy frosting. My Mum sent me a copy of the Woman's Weekly Cupcakes By Colour book. Oh how trivial and silly, but oh so nice. I wore my vintage Japanese polka-dot dress (picked out by my Mum). Apparently I looked like a housewife zapped straight out of the 50s. Although I'm allowed to vote.

I sold another of the little babushka bags on Etsy ... this one's going to Paris. Ohh la la, baguette, Jacques Cousteau! These and more will be at the BiDM on 4 September .... If you're in Brisbane please come and see us!


moose and bird said...

Yum....your cupcakes look fab.....especially that icing! What ingredients are in your icing, it looks so shiny.....and I don't like the recipe I use.
What a success your babushka bags have been. See you on the 4th. x

m.e (Cathie) said...

well done on the cupcakes!
great cause.

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