Saturday, August 28, 2010

PhD what is it good for ... huh ... absolutely nothing

Say it again now. No kidding, we need smart people who study things like dragonfly larva, the behaviour of house cats and relativity, we really do. I have a friend who is in the last deathly throws of her PhD on some kind of toxicology thingo (after 4 years of listening to her talk about it I am still not 100% on the details). She is holed-up writing furiously, her only friends are the kettle and a doona she pulls over her to keep the cold at bay. To cheer her up I am flooding her mail box with little letters. I have posted instant scratch-its, tiny bars of Lindt chocolate, print-outs of Kanye West tweets etc.

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If you too would like to let a little love in, send me a letter and I will forward it on. Little drawings, love letters, bird feathers, tea bags ... anything you can fit into an envelope send my way. Getting things in the mail is always fun. If you like the idea of 'beautiful post' check out this blog for some inspiration. Now get writing! Post your letters to;

The PhD Project
78 Coolibah street
Bardon 4065

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From the Goodnight Little Spoon blog ...


lady luff said...

Aw what a lovely idea! She's very lucky to have a friend as kind as you!
I've always fantasised about doing a PhD... Tucked away in an old, Gothic library somewhere in Europe, researching goodness knows what... I've heard it's a very impoverished lifestyle though!

Best of luck to your friend! Are you studying at all at the moment?

T.Allen-Mercado said...

YOU are a gem! Studies can get very lonely and husband and I have both returned to school, it's an undertaking. Best of luck to your friend, and lots of wondrous karmic vibes to you.

laura said...

what a gorgeous idea! you are just too sweet, think she'd like a postcard from nyc? :)

Miss Amanda said...

In the middle of a degree, spend most of my "allocated" procrastination time on Etsy... I've linked you in my blog with one of the brooches I bought. Goodness knows if Blogger crashed how much more study I'd get done!

Robyn said...

Beautiful concept :)

thanks for sharing all the links.

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