Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fake idol

My neighbors have bad taste in music and also have an assortment of children that jump on the trampoline, scream, drop chip packets in the yard and call my name omitting the 'h' pronounced 'aye-lee' over the fence too frequently. After the third air play of Justin Bieber's 'eeni meeni' song I decided to disturb the peace with my own tunes. I did the dishes while dancing with myself ... oo, ohhh, oo. Try not to squirm and dance with this song cranking and only an impartial dog as witness. Billy I love you.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mt Mee flea market threads

We took a ride out to Mt Mee today. I remembered I wasn't wearing my jacket as we pulled out of the driveway, oops. When we were fueling up I was told we had to go back - 'no jacket no ride' - which is fair enough. I threw in that as we were next to the Ferny Grove markets I'd just nip in and get one from there. Three dollars later and ta-da, I'm kitted up in a très 80s dag-o-rama denim number.

Me stylin it up on Mt Mee ...

Due to the dismal weather of late I've been cutting up kids books faster than I can clean them up. I've churned out a bevy of new cards. All these cards are made from recycled cards and old children's books. They'll be at my next Bris Style market ...

This is my favourite card at the moment ...
"Do you remember the name of that Cajun place?"

"I'm not expecting you to just start playing happy families"

"Depends on what you mean by okay"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spring showers and the flowers

Apart from the rain that has not stopped for a week, this time of year in Brisbane is so nice. All the native flowers are out and psycho lorikeets are making tools of themselves in the callistemon and grevillea flowers. At the moment we don't have any nice natives in flower in our yard, we have lots of old lady plants. Soon to be dig up to make way for nice bushy grevillea trees so we too can have some noisy birds going bananas in our front yard.

The craptastic weather ...

Nana flowers ... in my kitchen

The old lady bulbs have all gone off, they're quite pretty ... but I'm more of a 'forest garden' kind of girl than a 'rockery and flowers' gal

Today is a good day for staying indoors and drinking heaps of tea and making a mess with my pile of kids books. I took the stinky-ass dog down to the op-shop this morning and bought some more books for card and envelope making. It's and op-shop kind of weekend.

Fill a bag for $3 ... bargain

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carnival of Carnies?

We took the rice burner for a run on the weekend, up the range to Toowoomba and the Carnival of Flowers. What a cute little town, beautiful old buildings and old tree-lined streets. The festival itself was pretty funny, lots of weird floats and of course flowers. But the attendees were the highlight for me. Bogans wolfing down dagwood dogs and swearing at their children whose blood sugar level was similar to that of a glass of Coca Cola.

Said flower ...

Me with the carnies ...

These people are dressed as ...

One more day in the work week and then I have the weekend to craft it up, drink tea and wash the dog. The dog currently smells a little bit 'dagwoody' herself.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do you have a card?

I am often asked 'do you have a card?' at my markets. I used to put them out on the table, but I find people take them at a rapid rate. I am now a selective card giver. If someone asks I hand over a little card. I also selectively slip a card into the bag if they look like a 'business card appreciator'. General riff raff don't get a card.

Some of my newest Moo cards

I get my cards from Moo. I tried a few other places like Vista, and although they're cheaper I just don't get the same quality from them. I have bought a packet of the Moo cards printed on recycled paper, but I generally buy the mini cards. I hope they make mini cards in recycled paper soon too.

You can have as many images as you like ...

I use illustrations from vintage children's books for my cards, they look amazing and I always get comments on them. I think it's important to have a card that reflects your art/business. I have a few always on hand in my wallet to give out. I often get talking to people in shops etc. when they see my brooches and ask 'who made that'. I love being able to say 'me' and hand over one of my cute little cards. If you're new to the market scene or starting up an Etsy shop I recommend getting some really nice cards done up that reflect your creative personality.

Some of my favourite cards ...

This one is my number one favourite right now ...

Friday, September 10, 2010

fcuk, you made me miss the train

I went late night shopping in the city after work today. Meh, not a lot of luck and to make things worse my last minute meander in French Connection made me miss my train by the skin of my teeth. Literally I threw my one and only shopping bag in the doors and they closed - on my bag. I had to wrench it out from the doors and stand there while the gawkers inside rolled off. I said fcuk under my breath quite a few times.

If only I had looked this glam missing the train

trapped pigeon looking for crisps

So after my train debacle I dined at the fine establishment with the big golden M to kill 15 minutes. The ambiance of the tiled station complete with trapped pigeon and dirty old man, sans shoes did little to improve my mood. And, it turned out the the quarter pound of meat stuffs I ate did not play nice with my digestive system. So ... all in all a pretty crappy retail experience, I might stick to online and markets.

The sexy way to eat fast food ...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How do you do?

I had my third hairdressers appointment last week, ever. Yes I am a pleb who cuts and colours their own hair.

I got suckered into buying a $79 voucher by some preppy lassies on George street. I booked an after work appointment and got a chop and some lightening. I must say, I was impressed. My hair ‘attention to detail’ man on the day was a lovely young fellow by the name of Adam. For some reason I feel better having a dude attend to my locks, my partner suggested it was because ‘guys go into hairdressing because they really want to.’ Why do women get into cosmetology? Is it just an extension of cutting Barbie’s hair off age five. Either way I enjoyed the rather lengthy process - cut, wash, condition, massage, foils, wash, condition, massage, blow dry, joosh with fingers, remark on how ‘hot’ I look, more 'jooshing'. Yes enjoyable and I will be back to the dresser of hair.

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