Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How do you do?

I had my third hairdressers appointment last week, ever. Yes I am a pleb who cuts and colours their own hair.

I got suckered into buying a $79 voucher by some preppy lassies on George street. I booked an after work appointment and got a chop and some lightening. I must say, I was impressed. My hair ‘attention to detail’ man on the day was a lovely young fellow by the name of Adam. For some reason I feel better having a dude attend to my locks, my partner suggested it was because ‘guys go into hairdressing because they really want to.’ Why do women get into cosmetology? Is it just an extension of cutting Barbie’s hair off age five. Either way I enjoyed the rather lengthy process - cut, wash, condition, massage, foils, wash, condition, massage, blow dry, joosh with fingers, remark on how ‘hot’ I look, more 'jooshing'. Yes enjoyable and I will be back to the dresser of hair.


Sandrine said...

LOL! you are so right about the looooong and jooshing process hmmm:)I need one soon :)xx

Barbara said...

Haha! This one made me laugh. I never taught about it that way about the men/women hairstylists. Now that i do i totaly agree.:)

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