Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spring showers and the flowers

Apart from the rain that has not stopped for a week, this time of year in Brisbane is so nice. All the native flowers are out and psycho lorikeets are making tools of themselves in the callistemon and grevillea flowers. At the moment we don't have any nice natives in flower in our yard, we have lots of old lady plants. Soon to be dig up to make way for nice bushy grevillea trees so we too can have some noisy birds going bananas in our front yard.

The craptastic weather ...

Nana flowers ... in my kitchen

The old lady bulbs have all gone off, they're quite pretty ... but I'm more of a 'forest garden' kind of girl than a 'rockery and flowers' gal

Today is a good day for staying indoors and drinking heaps of tea and making a mess with my pile of kids books. I took the stinky-ass dog down to the op-shop this morning and bought some more books for card and envelope making. It's and op-shop kind of weekend.

Fill a bag for $3 ... bargain

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Gifts of Serendipity said...

I know what you're saying about the birds and the ... flowers.

We're really lucky to live in a place that has heaps of natives and the associated wildlife that goes with it.

The abundance of natural honey doesn't stop two little jewels [lorikeets] from flying onto our back deck each morning and causing a fuss tho'.

I've christened them Mr and Mrs Bossy and they keep up the racket until I give them a little honey and seed.

The other day I discovered them sitting in front of an old mirror that's resting on the floor beside the french doors to our front verandah. They were bobbing up and down and talking to their reflections and probably would have continued to explore the rest of the house quite happily if I hadn't scooted them out.

All this and more to look forward to when you plant your natives!

x Felicity

PS don't toss the hippies when you dig up your yard, they live quite happily in pots and you can bring them inside when they're in full bloom for an extra splash of colour

PPS sorry about the long post - must be holidays for me to have all this time x

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